Back from Essen 2012. My Day 2 pictorial…

Day 2 was another good one at the Essen games fair, although I did need to leave for my return flight.

The guys from Greater Than Games promoting their huge hit, Sentinels of the Multiverse. They have more games coming apparently…
I really enjoyed playing Wilderness from Fryx Games of Sweden. 5 brothers were there showing off their more mass production version, compared to their hand-made version which was on show last year. A very nice race and survival game with a nice mix of events, risk and reward, player interaction and looming threats to survival. A review will be coming right here.
Outside of Victory Point Games, there were few other war games there. Euro game designers attempting to do Euro war games, don’t seem to understand that yet another strategic game about rather distant times, with the Mediterranean in the middle of the map have been done to death, New ideas are needed guys.


Woohoo! My favourite racing game, Rallyman!
Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic game set in the Moscow Metro. Interesting theme, but reports seem to indicate its a rather tedious affair…
There were a few miniatures games set up but hardly any


Angry Birds, the table top game.
AEG’s Smash Up. Can’t wait to play and it review it here!


Even the age old classic GO, was at the fair.
The very popular Euro Game Village was in evidence. Not my type of game really.
A Dungeons & Dragons diorama


By the end of the day, I had a pretty good collection of games to take away, and stay within my luggage weight limit. A pretty eclectic mix of mostly Indie games which I shall play and review right here at Boardgames in Blighty.




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