Victory Point Games Press Release – Skagway now on sale!

Victory Point Games Press Release – Skagway now on sale!


When gold was discovered near the Yukon River in a remote area of Canada in 1896, nobody could predict the massive gold rush that would follow and the effects it would have around the world. From small huts along the rivers, towns sprang up and some became large cities while others disappeared completely.

The small town of Skagway became the launching port for expeditions into the Klondike area over the White Pass. But as the miners squandered away their newfound wealth, it was often the clever business men and women – entrepreneurs – who profited the most.

In this 2-4 player game by designer Tom Decker, you take on the role of one of these entrepreneurs to help you reach your goals of fame and fortune. But you have to do whatever it takes to get to the top, making good or bad decisions along the way, so long as you can amass the most wealth before the other players do!

Click here for all the details and to order Skagway.  
– Victory Point Games

Back from Essen 2012. My Day 2 pictorial…

Day 2 was another good one at the Essen games fair, although I did need to leave for my return flight.

The guys from Greater Than Games promoting their huge hit, Sentinels of the Multiverse. They have more games coming apparently…
I really enjoyed playing Wilderness from Fryx Games of Sweden. 5 brothers were there showing off their more mass production version, compared to their hand-made version which was on show last year. A very nice race and survival game with a nice mix of events, risk and reward, player interaction and looming threats to survival. A review will be coming right here.
Outside of Victory Point Games, there were few other war games there. Euro game designers attempting to do Euro war games, don’t seem to understand that yet another strategic game about rather distant times, with the Mediterranean in the middle of the map have been done to death, New ideas are needed guys.


Woohoo! My favourite racing game, Rallyman!
Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic game set in the Moscow Metro. Interesting theme, but reports seem to indicate its a rather tedious affair…
There were a few miniatures games set up but hardly any


Angry Birds, the table top game.
AEG’s Smash Up. Can’t wait to play and it review it here!


Even the age old classic GO, was at the fair.
The very popular Euro Game Village was in evidence. Not my type of game really.
A Dungeons & Dragons diorama


By the end of the day, I had a pretty good collection of games to take away, and stay within my luggage weight limit. A pretty eclectic mix of mostly Indie games which I shall play and review right here at Boardgames in Blighty.




Back from Essen 2012. My Day 1 pictorial…

My friends and I have the attitude that Essen is a great opportunity to pick up Indie games and unusual games that might be hard to get for a while back in Blighty. There is also the challenge of 1 suitcase and 20 kilos max weight or get surcharged by Easyjet

Essen 2012 was brilliant. My 5th Essen, it was certainly the largest and I think I covered a fair amount of mileage as I tried to squeeze in as much as possible Thursday and Friday. It was a great opportunity to make new contacts and friends, and meet virtual friends in the flesh and that’s what I enjoy most. I had a great time and would recommend a trip to Essen to any gamer for sure.

Some observations –

1) The amount of Indie game companies was astonishing. I think this bodes well for our great hobby.

2) It seemed to me that most of the creativity was coming from the Indies as opposed to the established heavyweights. Can’t measure this but it just seemed that way.

3) Germans make the BEST pastries!

4) Small games may be the new BIG (there were were quite a few)

ok, 5) I was thrilled by the reception of my Wrestling Dice  game that I’ve designed and am hopeful that I’ve found an interested publisher or 2.

Now how many games could I pack and not go over my weight limit?

We started out early on Thursday for a 6:30 flight from London, Gatwick airport to Dusseldorf. Tired, but pretty excited, that’s for sure.

Geeks ready to board for the world’s biggest and best games fair 🙂
First day of Essen 2012. The mass of gamers is growing in the countdown to the opening!
One of my earliest stops was to welcome Victory Point Games to Essen. One of my favourite game companies, I chatted with co-founder, Vince about the latest upgrades to VPG components and art as well as boxes for their games. Exciting times ahead. Prediction – Darkest Night will become of their top sellers! Watch this space for a revie of Darkest Night and VPG games I received before going to Essen 😉
Steve Jackson’s OGRE, much trumpeted as a massive Kickstarter success story. You know what? It looks no where near worth the money it earned. Yes, it is much better than the original which was painfully cheap and cheerful but it still looks cheap and cheerful by today’s standards. This blogger’s opinion is that this was a case of crazy Kickstarter hype over common sense.
I’m not knocking Steve Jackson games nor anyone’s choice to back this project. More power to all of your collective elbows. Enjoy! Now maybe I saw a prototype, but even having seen that in the flesh, I’m not impressed at all.
Tony at Surprised Stare Games was doing a roaring trade in his new game, Snowdonia.

Eric from Flatlined games was a great guy. I picked up copies of Rumble in the House and his latest, Rumble in the Dungeon. I also got a peak at Twin Tin Bots, which looks like a lot of fun and has amazing minis.
Go to the Twin Tin Bots kickstarter page and have a look –
The halls were very busy!
David of Backspindle Games teaching Guards, Guards!
And here is Leonard teaching Backspindle Games’ newest game, and Aztec abstract called Codinca which I will review in due course!
The AEG stand was always jammed as there was a lot of interest in their Tempest series of Euro Games. I’m not a Euro fan but I managed to play a little card game set in the Tempest universe called Love Letters and it was a hoot! Review to follow. I also picked up a copy of Smash Up which I am really looking forward to playing and reviewing.
A cool looking Gotham City game on was unveiled by Wizkids but not available yet…
The Boardgamegeek crew were there doing live streamed game demos
Beth from Boardgamegeek and our friend Max, all the way from Malaysia
Ticket To Ride, the perennial favorite, was played
Had a go at Ragami, an interesting game about Angels and Demons but I found it too “mathy” for my tastes which I thought detracted from the theme.
yes it was busy, but manageable. So cool to see so many people interested in games 🙂
Stronghold Games were there as well, although they didn’t have any releases that interested me.
Star Wars!
The Ravensburger stand was very busy with their family games and puzzles
Iron Sky demo games. Looked interesting but I was trying to watch my luggage weight allowance 😦
In the evening I watched as Michael Fox played Ace of Spies with some new friends. They loved it I’m happy to say.
We also played Love Letters from AEG and my latest prototype, Wrestling Dice and other new friends who loved that one too. Great to see them laugh and carry on, enjoying my game. I hope that I may have found a publisher too. Fingers crossed.

Well a very busy and productive day at Essen, Day 1!

Flatlined News Twin Tin Bots by Philippe Keyaerts to be released on Kickstarter

For immediate release
Twin Tin Bots by Philippe Keyaerts to be released on Kickstarter

Small publishers share a common issue with new releases : Inventory is a zero-sum game. Money used to keep existing titles in print cannot be used to release new titles so the build up of money to release a new game is slow. It is very rare that a game yields enough profit to both fund a reprint and fund the printing of a new title. This meant until recently that small publishers like Flatlined Games had to choose between releasing new games or reprint the current titles.
Crowdfunding changes this and allows us to call out for help funding new titles. This financial support also allows us to focus on our core business : researching new games worthy of publication, working with the designer to further develop and improve these games, and eventually produce them and make them available for all on the market.
This is even more important for small publishers as all time spent solving financial matters is time not available to produce better games.

Flatlined Games is proud to announce it launches a crowdfunding campaign to publish their new title : Twin Tin Bots, a game by acclaimed designer Philippe Keyaerts (author of Vinci, Evo, Olympos, and the SmallWorld series).

The campaign will be run on starting now for the english version of the game. European publishers do not have access to Kickstarter yet, so our US distribution partner Game Salute, will be running the campaign for us through their Springboard program. Springboard is a label that ensures supporters that a Kickstarter project is professionally produced, and has received the level of playtesting, development, and graphical design that you expect from a published game. They also will help us promote the game to the American audience.
A french language satellite campaign will also be run on french crowdfunding platform for the french version of the game. This is an international first as both campaigns are linked : money raised from both campaigns will be used to determine stretch goals releases, and the satellite french version will automatically gain any stretch goals reached on the main english campaign.
The main Kickstarter campaign can be found here :

About the Game
Twin Tin Bots is a luckless robot programming game, by Philippe Keyaerts.
Each player programs two robots to harvest crystals. The available orders are simple (forward, turn, harvest, unload, …) but there are two robots to control, and only one order can be changed each turn! Furthermore, the other player’s robots are after the same crystals, and will push your robots, or might even rob crystals from them.

Twin Tin Bots Prototype

Twin Tin Bots contains 36 plastic miniatures, is very easy to grasp but hard to master and plays in under 60 minutes, even with 6 players.
The player turn sequence is very simple so game rounds are short and there is no downtime.
There is very little randomness in Twin Tin Bots. You always have all orders available, so there is no waiting for a ‘forward’ tile. When it’s your turn, you know what other player’s robots programs are, and have a good view of their future actions. And you execute your actions on your turn, so they do not depend on unknown factors.

More information, components pictures and gameplay videos are available on the project page.

About the Author
Twin Tin Bots is the latest game from acclaimed Belgian designer Philippe Keyaerts.
Philippe Keyaerts is well known amongst gamers for his previous successes : Vinci, Evo, Olympos, and of course the SmallWorld series.
When not creating games, he teaches remedial courses, putting his background in social studies and his master in mathematics to good use.

About Flatlined Games
Flatlined Games is a publisher of quality board games based in Brussels, Belgium.
We target niche markets in the boardgames market, and address these niches globally with multilingual editions.
We also market games targeted at a much broader public, which will be available trough the regular distribution market.
Flatlined Games is a one-man business, run on the evenings and weekends alongside a ‘real’ job by Eric Hanuise, owner of Flatlined Games. With Frederic Moyersoen he is co-designer of Batt’l Kha’os, published in 2009 by Z-Man Games.

About Game Salute
‘Game Salute provides tools and services to make the industry better.’
We work with publishing studios, stores, member of the gaming media, non-profit organizations, and individual
Our team is located all over the world, mostly in the US. We have team members in Seattle, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Miami, and Australia.
Game Salute began a few years ago as an idea of Dan Yarrington, inspired by the many awesome people he works with in the games industry each day, especially his wife Sara. In April 2011, Mike and Russ officially formed Game Salute, LLC and began working full-time to support, publish, and promote great games. In November 2011, Cody Jones joined as Chief Graphic Designer. In March 2012, James Takenaka joined us as our Chief Sales Officer along with David MacKenzie as our Chief Springboard Officer. In April 2012, Chris Kirkman and Cherilyn Lee Kirkman joined us along with Dann May, our Art Director. In May 2012, Andy Royal joined Game Salute as our Inventory & Warehouse Manager, shortly thereafter Jeffrey Bourbeau, Rick Collins, and Bryan Johnson joined the Studio Development & Game Support team. In June 2012, Tom Vasel joined the team as the Editor-in-Chief of Also in June, Kelly McClellan, Artist & Graphic Designer, added her considerable talents to the Game Salute team. In July 2012, Game Salute exploded into awesomeness with new Web Master & Graphic Designer, Darrell Louder. In August 2012, Michael Fox (of Little Metal Dog Show fame) joined the Game Salute ranks to aid in Marketing & Game Development.

Contact info Flatlined Games :
Eric Hanuise
eric.hanuise at flatlinedgames dot com
39 rue gheude
1070 Anderlecht

News from Columbia Games – Game Designer Carl Willner Visits Borodino Battlefield


News from Columbia Games – Game Designer Carl Willner Visits Borodino Battlefield

A visit to the actual battlefield is one of the most enjoyable parts of designing a historical game.   Texas Glory took me to the Alamo, Goliad and the battlefield of San Jacinto.   But Columbia’s newest release, Borodino (shipping this month), called for a much longer journey, all the way to Mother Russia.   The field of Borodino lies some 70 miles west of Moscow.   Though today it can be reached by train and modern road, much of it still looks little changed from 1812.

Each year, Russia hosts a reenactment of the Borodino battle near the day of the actual battle, with thousands of participants coming from European countries and even the United States.   Napoleon himself has regularly been played by an American who closely resembles the Emperor!

The Borodino game is in production.  Delivery is expected in about 4 weeks.

See the pictures, video, and read more at:


Press Release from Gamina – A new edition of Soccero has been released

Press Release from Gamina – A new edition of Soccero has been released

A new edition of Soccero by Martti Ojalainen and Jarmo Kuitunen, published by Gamina, has just been released. Soccero simulates a football match with full 11 man teams. The game consists of two players or managers moving the player miniatures and the ball on the game board using dice.

The Basic Rules of Soccero make it easy and fun to get into the game. Later the managers may choose to follow the Extended Rules. This extended rule set will add more realistic football features to the game, simulating the actual football more closely, and thus turn the game more challenging.

This new second edition of the game has upgraded components and updated rules including a new kick die to determine routes of the ball. The game requires strategic thinking, smart decision making and a bit of luck rolling the dice.

Soccero is a game for two players, ages 11 and up, plays about 45 minutes and retails for 49$ from