Victory Point Games Press Release – Boxed VPG Games are here!

Victory Point Games Press Release – Boxed VPG Games are here!


You’ve heard us right – boxed games are finally here! 

At last, the gameplay you know and love has finally grown up and is taking to the shelves. Now you can get your favorite Gold Banner game sealed in one of our boxes, affectionately called the “Crimson Container.” You can check out all the details of one of our Crimson Containers here.What you’ll initially see is an artistic sleeve wrapped around a box, with detailed information about the game and what you’ll get inside. After you’ve given your new boxed game a shake to assess the contents within, you’ll unwrap the plastic and slide the cover sleeve off for your eyes to feast upon the bright red box with our logo and motto printed right on the front. Don’t forget to read the little message printed on the “secret” inside flap of our Crimson Container just as you’re about to open up your boxed game for the first time for that new game smell.
Packaged with Gold Banner components, a mounted (jigsaw-cut) map (plus the paper map, when both are available!) and larger dice. You too can feel victory at your fingertips with a VPG boxed game!
Click here for all the details and to order Gold Banner Boxed Games.
– Victory Point Games

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