Victory Point Games Press Release – Boxes, Posters and Boards, oh my!


We have rolled out a whole new line of accessories just for you! Now you can buy VPG game boxes (empty), collectible game posters, and mounted game maps (Gold Banner games only).

Game Boxes (Empty)

Our game boxes (the “Crimson Containers“) are assembled by us, folded from pre-cut cardboard (not unlike pizza boxes). These bright red boxes are sure to brighten up your game table and receive a second glance from anyone who passes by (dashing all hopes that it was actually pizza), with our logo branded on the top and a message printed on the inside flap when you open them up.

Our game boxes come in two sizes: Standard and Deluxe.

You can buy individual boxes, or save BIG when you buy a bundle of 6 (of either size)!

Click here for all the details and to order Game Boxes (Empty).

Mounted map sampleMounted Maps

Now you can get a puzzle cut, mounted map of your favorite Gold Banner game! The mounted game boards are affixed to standard counter stock (not the extra-thick stock we’re using for Gold Banner counters, but the standard stock we use for all of our other counters). They are not of the folding variety (hence they are “puzzle-cut”). The pieces fit close together, but they do not “snap” or lock so that they might cause each other damage.

Click here for the list of our Gold Banner games with Mounted Maps.

Collectible Posters


We’ve kept your drinks cool, and we’ve kept your game tables hot with our games and themed dice towers, but now you can really show your love for VPG with collectible 11″x17″ game posters.

Be victorious with these great game posters; 46 in all (and more to come)!

Click here for all the details and to order Collectible Posters.

– Victory Point Games

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