Press release: all 8 Spiel 2012 titles from White Goblin Games revealed, now accepting pre-orders!

Press release: all 8 Spiel 2012 titles from White Goblin Games revealed, now accepting pre-orders!

Rattus Cartus coming soon!

Pre-orders accepted for brand new Spiel 2012 releases from White Goblin Games.

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – This past week, each day Dutch publisher of board games and card games revealed one of its brand new Spiel 2012 releases on the company’s Facebook page. A few minutes ago, these announcements reached its final climax by the announcement of Rattus Cartus, a brand new game, set in the world of Rattus. If you missed it, check the announcement here:

As of right now, the rules books to all 8 releases have been made available over at the White Goblin Games website for download, while the company is also accepting pre-orders on its pre-order page:



The first announced brand new Spiel 2012 release from White Goblin Games, is Völuspá. Völuspá is a very easy to learn tile-laying game with great depth by designer Sott Caputo. It has very simple rules: you play a tile and use its power and ability (e.g. block, capture or intimidate) to dominate a line and score points. With the stunning artwork of Pierô and the included expansion module ‘Saga of Edda’ (the box now contains 12 different creatures from Norse mythology) a lot of fun is guaranteed.

For more info and rules:


Saqqara – a game by designer Shem Phillips – has a unique game mechanism: players speculate on the possible production of goods and a threshold should be met. It’s a very tactical game with a lot of bluffing, interaction and variation, due to different combinations of pyramids that can be played with. The box contains even over 150 wooden components.

For more info and rules:


Expedition: Congo River 1884

In the same box size as Völuspá, Lost Temple and Rattus, comes Expedition: Congo River 1884. It’s a bidding game with a twist. While players compete to score the most points, they try to outbluff their opponents by playing more auxiliary and special cards. The value of the cards depends on the stations where the steamboat arrives and the language which is spoken over there. Expedition: Congo River 1884 is a game by designer José Rivero.

For more info and rules:


Vampire Empire

In the successful line of 2-player games from White Goblin Games come Vampire Empire by designer Filip Milunski. Vampire Empire is a game of bluff and deduction. One player plays the vampires, the other player has to find out which characters exactly are the vampires. The unique artwork adds to the atmosphere of this very tense game for 2!

For more info and rules:


Revolver 2

After watching wild west movie after wild west movie, designer Mark Chaplin as well as his gunslinger-in-crime Leigh Caple became inspired to create a new game in the Revolver-universe: Revolver 2. The result of a poker tournament determines in which battlefields the gunfights will take place. Revolver 2 is at least as thematic, entertaining and tense as it’s predecessor. For both card decks, customized sleeves are be available too.

For more info and rules:



Use your contacts among merchants, negotiators and torturers in the best way possible on different sites, to get the goods the pharaoh asks for to build his pyramid. That’s what you’re up to in Pyramidion, by designer Yannick Gervais. Pyramidion is an easy to play game, with difficult choices to be made and a lot of player interaction. Are you going for your own success, or are you going to thwart other players?

For more info and rules:


Nieuw Amsterdam

Jeffrey D. Allers has done an amazing job, creating this adventure in what would later become Manhattan. In this big box adventure you’re trying to outdo your opponents during the bidding phase and the planning of your actions. The game offers a lot of options and is very well-crafted. The box full of wooden components really offers value-for-money!

For more info and rules:


Rattus Cartus

Although set in the world of Rattus, Rattus Cartus is a completely new game by designers Ase & Henrik Berg, roughly based on the board game. While the players travel as princes throughout the land to gain a loyal following, the rats in the streets do their disastrous job by spreading the plague throughout the cities. The game contains 12 different buildings with different kinds of benefits and you can use all those buildings in a game of Rattus Cartus or just a selection of it. Therefore, this card game offers at least the same variety as the basic game.

For more info and rules:


Rattus 2010 bonus, Inca Empire sun event cards and more…

Pre-orders for these brand new titles will be taken as of right now on this location:, with also some exclusive ‘older’ promo’s being available for the fans of games like Rattus, Inca Empire, Norenberc and more. White Goblin Games offers for example the last few copies of the bonus sun event cards for Inca Empire, a former International Gamers Award nominee, as well as the still hard to find bonuses ‘The Judge’ and ‘Rattus bonus 2010’ for Rattus.


Of course, like previous years, pre-orders can be shipped to any location in the world or be collected at Spiel 2012.

The White Goblin Games booth at Spiel 2012 can again be found at exactly the same location as the past few years: 5-01. Spiel will take place from October 18th until October 21st.


White Goblin Games

White Goblin Games is an international publisher of board games and card games, based in the Netherlands. The company is well known for co-developing titles like Rattus, Panic Station, Revolver, Lost Temple and Crooks, all being 100% White Goblin Games releases. While the company sold licensing rights to for example Stronghold Games, Z-Man Games, Arclight, Pegasus Spiele and Rexhry, White Goblin Games also publishes games under license in the Netherlands and Belgium (like Forbidden Island, Mondo and Jambo). Under the moniker ‘White Goblin Distribution’ the company also distributes games throughout the world and also operates as a distributor for Cwali, Redakai / Spin Master and Pearl Games in the Benelux.


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Victory Point Games Press release – PARSEC Deluxe released!

Victory Point Games Press release – PARSEC Deluxe released!

“This just came in, President Thak.  A distress call from those Hotrod of the Gods guys….that asteroid field we were thinking of exploring but they got there first…”

“What of it?” demanded Thak, irritation coming back into his voice.  Then he paused.  “A distress call you say?”

“Yes sir.  They’re run into a Star Dragon, Sir!  Lost all their exploratory robots and two of their starships.  It was faster than they were.  The survivors are calling for help!”

PARSEC by designer Sean Young is a tile placement game of discovery and exploration in outer space for 2 to 6 players. Featuring easy mechanics and a nimble pace, Parsec is a truly teachable game for everyone.

Parsec Deluxe includes Parsec and its first two expansions: Moons & Monsters, Nebulas & Nanotechs. Featuring Gold Banner components combined with the gameplay you know and love, Parsec Deluxe is truly out of this world!

Click here for all the details and to order Parsec Deluxe.

UK Board Game News – Project Good Athletic Edition free to download

Press release from Ryan Furlong of Project Good: “In line with the London 2012 Olympics, we’ve just released a free Athletics Version of Good: the Battle. The game can be downloaded off our website ( and it comes with a printable GtB: Athletics track, and athletics accessories (all available from the download section of our site.) – There’s some photos of the track on our blog, and we’re running a GtB: Olympics tomorrow evening down my local club – so there will be loads of pictures to follow this weekend.”