European Games news – Flatlined Games goes Game Salute exclusive for US distribution

European Games news – Flatlined Games goes Game Salute exclusive for US distribution

Press release

Brussels, Belgium, 13 Aug 2012.

For immediate distribution.

The current U.S. distribution model is quite complex, and different from what we know in Europe. Finding a partner that understands our needs and offers suitable solutions has been a long quest but Game Salute offers a comprehensive set of services that addresses all our needs.

Most European distributors only work with exclusive deals, as the German market has taught them a price war on board games does not benefit anyone in the long run : retailers are affected by the prices set by hard discounters, distributors drive publisher prices down, and publishers struggle to put new releases on the market.

Game Salute advocates a sane and responsible distribution system that is retailer and publisher-friendly, and most importantly sustainable in the long term. They also offer innovative solutions such as the Springboard program for crowdfunding projects and their studio support services. It is therefore no surprise that so many other publishers have joined them recently, a trend we expect to see growing in the coming year.


Flatlined games is proud to announce we signed an exclusive distribution deal with Game Salute for the USA. Starting right after gencon 2012, all US retailers will be able to get all games published by Flatlined Games from Game Salute. They will also be available from the Game Salute online shop for all US-based customers.


Game Salute will also have limited quantities of Dragon Rage ( and Rumble in the House ( available during Gen Con at their booth 1033 so make sure to pay them a visit if you’re going!

About Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games is a young boardgames publisher, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Founded in 2009, Flatlined Games targets niches in the boardgames market, and address these globally with multilingual editions.

Eric Hanuise is the owner of Flatlined Games. WithFrederic Moyersoen he is co-designer of Batt’l Kha’os, published in 2009 by Z-Man Games. He currently runs Flatlined Games on the evenings and weekends along his ‘real’ day job as a freelance business analyst, project manager and consultant.


Current products are Dragon Rage, a reprint of the 1982 classic fantasy wargame by Lewis Pulsipher, and Rumble in the House, a fast paced game of bluff and double-guessing by first time published author Olivier Saffre.

Upcoming products include Rumble in the Dungeon, a standalone sequel (Q4 2012); and Twin Tin Bots by acclaimed Belgian designer Philippe Keyaerts (Vinci, Evo, Olypos, SmallWorld) (Q1 2013).


About Game Salute

Game Salute provides tools and services to make the industry better.’
We work with publishing studios, stores, member of the gaming media, non-profit organizations, and individual

Our team is located all over the world, mostly in the US. We have team members in Seattle, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Miami, and Australia.

Game Salute began a few years ago as an idea of Dan Yarrington, inspired by the many awesome people he works with in the games industry each day, especially his wife Sara. In April 2011, Mike and Russ officially formed Game Salute, LLC and began working full-time to support, publish, and promote great games. In November 2011, Cody Jones joined as a Graphic Designer. In March 2012, James Takenaka joined us as our Chief Sales Officer along with David MacKenzie as our Chief Springboard Officer. In April 2012, Chris Kirkman and Cherilyn Lee Kirkman joined us along with Dann May, our Art Director.


Contact info

Flatlined games :

39 rue gheude, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium


Game Salute LLC:

10 Tinker Ave., Londonderry, NH 03053

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