UK Board Game News – Richard Denning’s The Great Fire of London Game 2nd edition on Kickstarter

News – Pandasaurus Games have bought the rights to UK designer Richard Denning’s terrific game, The Great Fire of London and are raising funds on Kickstarter to publish a 2nd edition.

Pandasaurus Games plan to print 2000 copies of a new 2ndedition which will correct the colour issues with orange and white houses as well as presenting the game to a US audience.

From the Kickstarter page –

“Great Fire of London is coming to kickstarter because it’s the only way the game is going to get a release in the United States.  Despite great word of mouth, a strong showing at Essen 2010 and strong demand the game has never been released in the United States.

The game was also marred in production issues with it’s European print run.  A board that doesn’t lay flat, a box that is over sized and components of the wrong shape, size and color made the European release less than perfect.  We’re going to fix that with this new print run and finally give the game the look, feel and quality components that it deserves.

The kickstarter is going to help us raise money for the printing, shipping and distribution costs of Great Fire of London.  Without your support this game will continue to be unavailable in the United States. “

Richard will have copies for UK and Eu / worldwide distribution from about march and certainly in time for UK Expo 2013. RRP would be circa £38 plus postage for the new game.

If you are interested, Richard still has copies of the 1st edition at about £20 plus P+P available at the mo. Contact him on Twitter @RichardDenning

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter page –


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