VPG Press Release – Swing States 2012 now on sale!

The American Presidential Election


“The word politics comes from the Greek ‘poly,’ meaning many, and the English ‘ticks,’ which are blood-sucking insects.” – James Carville

Swing States 2012 is a solitaire game from designers Wes Erni and R. Ben Madison, simulating a U.S. presidential election in a given year. You are a political strategist hired by the nominee to win the Presidential Election for either the Democratic Party (symbolized by a donkey) or the Republican Party (symbolized by an elephant).

Make strategic decisions regarding anything from fund-raising and expenditures, to dealing with scandals that appear out of nowhere! Think you can handle it all? Campaign in Swing States 2012 today!

Click here for all the details and to order Swing States 2012.

– Victory Point Games


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