Ace of Spies Kickstarter update #5 –

Ace of Spies Update #5: Add your name to the rulebook

We’ve had a lot of people request the option to add their name to the rulebook. We were originally against this since the rulebook was already finished and we wanted to cut production time down as much as possible after funding was completed.

However, since we have a few changes to make now anyway, we figured it would be a good time to allow for this option. So if anyone would like to add their name to the Ace of Spies Rulebook as a backer, please add $10 to your pledge.

We will ask you in the survey what any additional pledge money was for so don’t worry about letting us know until you get the survey.

Note: Michael Fox has offered to create a proper agent codename for each and every backer if they so choose (all backers that pledge the $10 for the name in the rulebook that is). No guarantees on what you’ll end up with if you leave it to him, but knowing Michael, it will be entertaining. (codename optional)


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