Press release: Panic Station mini expansion available soon!

Press release: Panic Station mini expansion available soon!

Mini expansion coming from White Goblin Games:
New cards for Panic Station available in Boardgamegeek store soon
2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – White Goblin Games – the Dutch publisher of board games and card games that is well-known for games like Rattus, Lost Temple, Revolver and Crooks – announces the release of ‘Parasite Control’, a min- expansion for their highly successful 2011 release Panic Station. This mini-expansion will be distributed through the Dutch magazine ‘Spel!’, which is a publication from the biggest, Dutch gaming club, but will also be available for the international market through the Boardgamegeek store. Panic Station fans in Germany should note however, that this mini-expansion is only playable with the German Pegasus license if you use sleeves, as a result of the German release using different cards than the international White Goblin Games release, the Czech Rexhry license and the American Stronghold license.
‘Parasite Control’ will contain 2 extra cards for the item deck: ‘Parasite Radar’ and a ‘Heavy Grenade’. With the parasite radar, players van have a reroll for the parasite movement, which makes it a great instrument for both humans and infected players! With the heavy grenade, there’s a chance you’ll cause more damage, even in adjacent rooms.
David Ausloos’s Panic Station, which got picked up by White Goblin Games and for which the company in the meantime sold licensing rights to Stronghold Games (North America), Rexhry (Czech Republic) and Pegasus Spiele (Germany), has been a big hit worldwide. Before its release in October 2011, both White Goblin Games and Stronghold Games sold out their complete stock.
Panic Station is a partly cooperative game for 4 to 6 players of growing paranoia in which no one can truly trust anyone. As a member of the Extermination Corps, you as well as your android are sent out by the government to investigate the presence of fiendish alien life forms in a base. Players need to move both their Androids and Troopers through this base, exploring and gathering equipment that will help them to complete their mission: to find and destroy the Parasite Hive hidden somewhere in the inner depths of this hell. When a player manages to get his Trooper into the Hive location and play three gas can cards to fuel his Flamethrower, he wins the game for the humans. However, one of the players is a Host. He must keep this identity secret, infecting as many team members as possible to gain allies and prevent the humans from completing their mission. Only players who carefully watch the behaviour of team members and find a good balance between cooperation and paranoia will stand a chance against the infected players and roaming parasites. The game uses a unique exponential traitor-system and combines tactical play with a compelling psychological mind game amongst players. Can you maintain your sanity and destroy the source of this evil?
The mini-expansion ‘Parasite Control’ will come with the June edition of the Dutch magazine ‘Spel!’, and should be available in the Boardgamegeek soon after that. The second edition of Panic Station is in stores now; a third international edition is on print now.

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