Press release: Panic Station mini expansion available soon!

Press release: Panic Station mini expansion available soon!

Mini expansion coming from White Goblin Games:
New cards for Panic Station available in Boardgamegeek store soon
2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – White Goblin Games – the Dutch publisher of board games and card games that is well-known for games like Rattus, Lost Temple, Revolver and Crooks – announces the release of ‘Parasite Control’, a min- expansion for their highly successful 2011 release Panic Station. This mini-expansion will be distributed through the Dutch magazine ‘Spel!’, which is a publication from the biggest, Dutch gaming club, but will also be available for the international market through the Boardgamegeek store. Panic Station fans in Germany should note however, that this mini-expansion is only playable with the German Pegasus license if you use sleeves, as a result of the German release using different cards than the international White Goblin Games release, the Czech Rexhry license and the American Stronghold license.
‘Parasite Control’ will contain 2 extra cards for the item deck: ‘Parasite Radar’ and a ‘Heavy Grenade’. With the parasite radar, players van have a reroll for the parasite movement, which makes it a great instrument for both humans and infected players! With the heavy grenade, there’s a chance you’ll cause more damage, even in adjacent rooms.
David Ausloos’s Panic Station, which got picked up by White Goblin Games and for which the company in the meantime sold licensing rights to Stronghold Games (North America), Rexhry (Czech Republic) and Pegasus Spiele (Germany), has been a big hit worldwide. Before its release in October 2011, both White Goblin Games and Stronghold Games sold out their complete stock.
Panic Station is a partly cooperative game for 4 to 6 players of growing paranoia in which no one can truly trust anyone. As a member of the Extermination Corps, you as well as your android are sent out by the government to investigate the presence of fiendish alien life forms in a base. Players need to move both their Androids and Troopers through this base, exploring and gathering equipment that will help them to complete their mission: to find and destroy the Parasite Hive hidden somewhere in the inner depths of this hell. When a player manages to get his Trooper into the Hive location and play three gas can cards to fuel his Flamethrower, he wins the game for the humans. However, one of the players is a Host. He must keep this identity secret, infecting as many team members as possible to gain allies and prevent the humans from completing their mission. Only players who carefully watch the behaviour of team members and find a good balance between cooperation and paranoia will stand a chance against the infected players and roaming parasites. The game uses a unique exponential traitor-system and combines tactical play with a compelling psychological mind game amongst players. Can you maintain your sanity and destroy the source of this evil?
The mini-expansion ‘Parasite Control’ will come with the June edition of the Dutch magazine ‘Spel!’, and should be available in the Boardgamegeek soon after that. The second edition of Panic Station is in stores now; a third international edition is on print now.

UK Games Expo 2012

I had a great time this past weekend at UK Games Expo. It was packed and had lots of interesting new releases and prototypes to have a go at. It was a working weekend with the awesome UKGMN guys but fun nonetheless.

First up, a great big thanks to all those who stopped by to demo Ace of Spies! Our Ace demo-guy Tony did a stellar job running back to back demos on Saturday and Sunday. We are very grateful for the kind and generous comments and support received.

Here is Michael Fox about to do a video demo for Paco Jean of the UKGMN team.

Tony does yet another demo of Ace of Spies!

Ace of Spies on display

I had great fun meeting up with gamers and friends in the industry.

On Friday evening, we played a couple of games of Ace of Spies with one backer and other prospects…

and then we met up with the guys from Quantumm Magic who were at Expo to sell Existenz. They caught us up on their latest plans for Existenz which I consider a great game.

and we played one of my favourite games, Family Business which is a card game where the players control mobs and try to rub out the other gangs. With everybody speaking mobster lingo, it is hilarious!

On Saturday evening we got to play Codinca with David and Leonard of Backspindle Games. I’m convinced that David is a secret disco king as he wore a special BLUE disco shirt as we watched the Eurovision Song contest. Codinca is a fun and interesting abstract puzzle game. Very simple to play, but tricky as you set about trying to be the first player to get all your tile combinations completed. Very enjoyable and I wish the boys of Backspindle Games much success.

After Eurovision, we played a couple of games of the fun and frustrating Geistesblitz, a crazy game of flipping cards with images and grabbing matching pieces. Not as easy as it sounds.

I was very busy looking after the UKGMN team as they did the video demos as well as a number of seminars including the UK premiere of Lorien Green’s excellent Going Cardboard Documentary.

I managed to pick up a number of games as well which I look forward to playing and posting reviews for you all including –

Thanks to distributors Coiled Spring Games

Stefan Feld’s Trajan. Yes, I know, its a Euro Game, but it does look interesting.

I’ve wanted to try out Rory’s Storycubes for ages and the new Adventures version looks good fun


I thought I’d compare this version of Space Mission by Schmidt Spiele to Matt Worden’s original production which I reviewed earlier in this blog. It looks gorgeous.


Thanks to Gen42 Games

The classic game of Hive by John Yianni in a pocket sized edition is a must!

Thanks to AEG

I’ve played Thunderstone a few times and its easily my favourite deck-builder due to its strong theme and I’m keen to compare Thunderstone Advance

I also picked up copies of –

Yep, got the main game  of Sentinels of the Multiverse and the Rook City expansion for a nice price!


Sunrise City, a very nice game by Clever Mojo Games


Yep, this war gamer is happy with a very nice deal for Napoleon’s War II, The Gates of Moscow.

Eagle GamesDragon Rampage was available for a nice price too.


I had a terrific time gaming and visiting with Michael, Paco, Chris, Karl and Mark from the UKGMN as well as meeting up with Tony Boydell of Surprised Stare Games, John Yianni of Gen42 Games, The Existenz team, Mark from AEG, Roger from Coiled Spring Games, Angus from Fragor Bros., Dave and Leonard from Backspindle Games, Rob from Playtest, the Imagination gaming team… the list goes on and on. Being a board gamer means belonging to a wonderful community (stinking trolls on BGG aside…) and a weekend with my gaming friends at Expo is just loads of fun.

Next year, Expo is moving to a larger venue so that will be great.

Next stop… ESSEN 2012!

[Press Release] Thunderstone now Free Print and Play!

[Press Release] Thunderstone now Free Print and Play!

The original Thunderstone is now available as a free print-and-play release, and best of all it has been updated to the all new Thunderstone Advance format!  You can print and play this cards along with your Towers of Ruin set from Thunderstone Advance.
The PDF also comes with a 10% off online coupon for Towers of Ruin.
Todd C. Rowland
Senior Brand Manager
Alderac Entertainment Group

VPG Press Release – King’s Critters released!

VPG Press Release – King’s Critters released!

The second game in our kid’s game line, King’s Critters, is a 2 to 4 player game designed by Kai Jensen and Chad Jensen. For many years, the King’s Royal Zoo has housed an odd collection of exotic Critters from across the kingdom. But one day, a Dragon in a nearby mountain awoke and, intrigued by the King’s menagerie, stole all the Critters from the Zoo and taken them back to its lair!

You and your fellow adventurers have answered the King’s call for help and volunteered to enter the Dragon’s lair to rescue the Critters, with the promise of great rewards for your efforts. The more Critters you bring back, the greater the reward.

Carrying a Magical Cart for your journey, how many Critters can you rescue? Sneak around the sleeping Dragon, and be careful not to wake it as you attempt to capture the King’s Critters!

Click here for all the details and to order King’s Critters.

– Victory Point Games

Ace of Spies Kickstarter update!

Yes its been an interesting ride so far and with the re-launch of Ace of Spies on Kickstarter, we are very pleased that in a little over 3 days, we have 200 backers and have reached 55% backing so far!

Here’s the first update –

Thank you guys so much for the amazing support that you’ve shown on the first day. In 24 hours we almost cleared 40% of our goal.

Please help us keep the momentum up by telling your friends. If we can get close to 100% funding soon we’ll be able to reveal the first stretch goal.

So if you’re on the fence about Ace of Spies right now, please don’t hold off on your pledges waiting to see if we’re going to get there. You’ll help us generate more interest by pledging early so that we can make sure you receive even more bang for your buck.

So please go to our Kickstarter page and consider backing us so you can help us get Ace of Spies published.

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Boardgame Edition–Chris Badell and Richard Launius

The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Boardgame Edition–Chris Badell and Richard Launius

Mark, Lorien and Paco give you some quick reviews of some games, Start Trek, Cave Evil and others get a mention after we’ve been playing them, and if you needed to know if you want these games or not, you might be interested in what we have to say.

Press release: Big Revolver-update from White Goblin Games

Press release: Big Revolver-update from White Goblin Games

New expansions in the works, with new cards, new options and a deck building possibility:
Revolver-news from White Goblin Games

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – In the past year, Revolver designer Mark Chaplin has spent hours and hours watching Wild West movies and reading books on the Old West. Since his card game Revolver saw a release through the Dutch publisher White Goblin Games in October 2011 (with Stronghold Games and Rexhry picking up the licensing rights for respectively North America and Czech Republic), inspiration for new options and possibilities started to flow. The result? A game with an already very high replayability (partly due to the high tension), getting a tremendous impulse of even more options, without getting away too much from the original game idea.
Mark Chaplin’s Revolver is one of the best card games that saw the light of day in 2011. After its initial release through White Goblin Games in October 2011, raving reviews worldwide have appeared about the game, in which one player has just robbed the bank of Repentance Springs and the other player is sheriff Ned McReady hunting down the bandit and his crew. All the happenings as well as movie scenes from ‘For a Few Dollars More’ amongst others, inspired Chaplin to add new possibilities to the game through multiple expansions, to be released later this year. “We’ve had a lot of requests and got a lot of interest in new expansions”, states Chaplin. “Some people even have played the game over 150 times now! I’m glad that we can finally give these people some details now, as I’m at least as excited about the new possibilities as the Revolver-fans themselves!”
Each of the expansions offers 2 new modules to play with. First, there’s ‘Revolver 1.1: Ambush on Gunshot Trail’. This one has been finished in the meantime and it will see the light of day sometime in August/September 2012. One of the new things this expansion adds to the game, are ambush cards. The sheriff now has the possibility to place ambush cards underneath the battlefield cards. When entering a new battlefield, the ambush card will be revealed. Will Colty find more opposition… or will it be an arrester? Besides the ambush cards – which add a complete new dimension to the game – the expansion also offers new cards for both decks, thus giving players the opportunity to build their own decks and to define their own play styles as well as offering new tactics. From May 21st to May 28th, each day, a brand new card from this expansion will be uploaded on the Facebook-page of White Goblin Games as some sort of ‘sneak preview’.
But more Revolver-expansions have been worked on for the past few months by Chaplin, his partner-in-Wild-West-crime Leigh Caple and the White Goblin crew. ‘Revolver 1.2: Hunt the Man down’ (release: 2012) adds a new way to kill Jack Colty, as well as a brand new battlefield, with its own set of rules: San Manzanillo Prison. It‘s up to the Colty-player to decide if there will be a firefight at San Manzanillo Prison. If Colty wins at San Manzanillo, he frees the imprisoned bandit Santiago and may add him to his crew. This expansion will also contain new cards for both decks, a new ambush card, new tokens and more.
In ‘Revolver 1.3: Where the River bends’ (stated for release in 2013) an interesting battle about getting people on your side will be added to the game. The players start the game with a pool of 6 silver Dollar tokens, and will be able to buy cards from a neutral ‘Frontier’ 22-card deck. These, and the other cards from this expansion, further develop strategies deployed in the first two expansions, with cards that affect the Prison and the Ambush cards. One of the exciting new cards is, ‘Old Three Toes’, a menacing grizzly bear that can harass both players!
All expansions can be combined with each other. None of them increase the length of the game, or heighten the complexity. Besides that, like stated earlier, the expansions offer players the possibility to build their own decks, including their favorite cards! Playing the game with the pre-constructed decks of course will give you the same tension.

Last but not least, are special Revolver sleeves, which will also see the light of day this year. Revolver-fans will be able to sleeve their cards with official Revolver sleeves, including images of both Colty and McReady.
With these new releases, the highly successful Revolver-brand will be strengthened further, offering players even more options to enjoy their daily wild west gunfight.