Press release: name change for new White Goblin Games release

Press release: name change for new White Goblin Games release

New, adventurous board game series in the works:

Name change for White Goblin Games release ‘Congo’ to ‘Expedition’

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – Dutch publisher of board games and card games White Goblin Games has decided to change the name of its previously announced Essen 2012 release ‘Congo – Expedition to Africa 1884’ into ‘Expedition: Congo River 1884’. The change comes after designer José Rivero has come up with a second game and although different enough, it’s roughly based on the same mechanics, but this time set in Asia. According to the Dutch publisher, this development has shed new light on the previously announced title.

“We were looking for a way to connect the 2 games with each other”, states Rivero. “In the end, what these 2 games have in common, is the adventurous need to go on expedition, in for western travelers exotic territories. It was an obvious choice for us to connect the games in the title, just like there’s ‘Tikal’ and ‘Tikal II’. With the subtitle, we’ll make clear where  in the world the expedition takes place in each game.”

The first issue of this brand new board game series will be ‘Expedition: Congo river 1884’. The game will come in a box with the same size as the highly successful games Rattus and Lost Temple and will definitely attract fans of the first-mentioned.

Earlier this year, White Goblin Games launched a competition, where people could get their name in the board game. Hundreds of people joined the contest: 54 of them will finally find their name in the first game of the ‘Expedition’-series, which will be released at Spiel 2012 in Essen later this year. When the second issue of this series will be published – the one that will take place in Asia – is not yet decided upon.


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