Agents. The time has come to wake from your sleep and prepare for action.

For too long we have sat quietly, waiting for the correct moment to strike. That time is now, as we ready ourselves for what will be our greatest moment. In ten days Ace of Spies will launch on Kickstarter and we will require the assistance of you, our supporters and friends, to ensure that we enter the fray with a bang, not a whimper.

Of course, we do not expect you to toil away for nothing. Already you have seen the generosity of our mysterious benefactor Mr White – our current attempts at solving coded messages have been embraced by countless would-be cryptographers. We are sure that even more will join in before one code cracker is selected to be the first to receive the following Spy Kit:

– A copy of Ace of Spies, naturally

– An invisible ink pen, complete with built in UV light to reveal your secret messages, and

– A spy pen with built in video camera to capture the movements of your enemies.

Of course, they will also receive the GLORY of VICTORY… but they will not be alone. And this is where we need YOU.

Our campaigns will be three-fold. First, the code breaking continues until April 19th – but we also plan to do yet more.

You will be aware of our Twitter feed – – put simply, we require it to grow. Every time the Followers counter clicks over another 100, we will give away Spy Kits, including copies of the game. Everyone who follows will be eligible to win. When we surpass 300 followers, Mr White has graciously allowed us to give away one Spy Kit. At 400, we shall hand out two Kits, at 500 three, and so on. Do whatever you can to increase the count – the more that follow, the more potential there is to win.

Finally, we are planning an invasion. The denizens of Board Game Geek, this very noted gaming site, must be made aware of our presence and – again – we require your assistance. Each day between April 11 and April 20, a code phrase will be posted on the Ace of Spies feed and on the game’s BGG page. You will need to slip this phrase into a post somewhere else on BGG and give us the link via Twitter using the hashtag #AOSinvasion – no hashtag, no entry.

Each day, a winner will be chosen at random from all posted links who will receive a small token of our gratitude – spy related DVDs, books and games are all up for grabs.

Ladies and gentlemen. You have your orders. Let battle commence.


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