Press release: name change for new White Goblin Games release

Press release: name change for new White Goblin Games release

New, adventurous board game series in the works:

Name change for White Goblin Games release ‘Congo’ to ‘Expedition’

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – Dutch publisher of board games and card games White Goblin Games has decided to change the name of its previously announced Essen 2012 release ‘Congo – Expedition to Africa 1884’ into ‘Expedition: Congo River 1884’. The change comes after designer José Rivero has come up with a second game and although different enough, it’s roughly based on the same mechanics, but this time set in Asia. According to the Dutch publisher, this development has shed new light on the previously announced title.

“We were looking for a way to connect the 2 games with each other”, states Rivero. “In the end, what these 2 games have in common, is the adventurous need to go on expedition, in for western travelers exotic territories. It was an obvious choice for us to connect the games in the title, just like there’s ‘Tikal’ and ‘Tikal II’. With the subtitle, we’ll make clear where  in the world the expedition takes place in each game.”

The first issue of this brand new board game series will be ‘Expedition: Congo river 1884’. The game will come in a box with the same size as the highly successful games Rattus and Lost Temple and will definitely attract fans of the first-mentioned.

Earlier this year, White Goblin Games launched a competition, where people could get their name in the board game. Hundreds of people joined the contest: 54 of them will finally find their name in the first game of the ‘Expedition’-series, which will be released at Spiel 2012 in Essen later this year. When the second issue of this series will be published – the one that will take place in Asia – is not yet decided upon.


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Press Release: Sheepland the new game of the Cranio Creations

Cranio Creations is proud to present its latest game: Sheepland!

The game will be released in June and will cost 29.95 Euros.

A sunny land of rolling green meadows, lush forests, and majestic mountains. The peaceful, happy people of the island want nothing more than to roam the land with their fuzzy little flocks of fluffy white sheep. All is well and good, until somebody has the bright idea to put up some fences…
Now the shepherds must compete for the most profitable lands to raise their flocks, driving the sheep to the lands they own—and fencing them in so they don’t wander off and join some other shepherd’s flock!
And then there’s that strange black sheep that keeps showing up. His rare black wool is certain to fetch a pretty price in the market for the shepherd that can pen him in!
Can you corral the finest herd in the best lands and become the richest shepherd in Sheepland?

1 Game Board 36 Land Tiles 19 Wooden Sheep 6 Wooden Sheperds 26 Fence Disc 1 Firs Player Marker 60 Coins 1 Die
Designers: Daniele Tascini, Simone Luciani Illustrator: Giulia Ghigini N° Players: 2-4 Time: 20-30 min
Price: 29.95€






VPG Press Release – Leuthen: Frederick’s Greatest Victory released!

VPG Press Release – Leuthen: Frederick’s Greatest Victory released!

Drums & Muskets series

VPG presents the very first of its Gold Banner Games! Drums & Muskets is a game system designed by Frank Chadwick that recreates battles of the 18th Century, from roughly the adoption of the socket bayonet through the French Revolution. Leuthen is the first game in the series.

The very existence of the Hohenzollern monarchy is in question. Prussia hovers on the brink of collapse after a string of defeats as the winter of 1757/58 approaches. Frederick throws his small army against an Austrian force nearly twice its size with time only for one desperate battle to redeem his fortune before the snows fall.

Designer Frank Chadwick has created an elegant set of simple game mechanics that seemlessly integrate command control, maneuver and morale with the uncertainties of a combat. The battles of The Age of Reason are yours to refight with the Drums & Muskets series!

Click here for all the details and to order Leuthen: Frederick’s Greatest Victory.

– Victory Point Games


Ace of Spies is now live on Kickstarter with Richard Borg on the development team! Please back our project.

Ace of Spies is now live on Kickstarter with Richard Borg on the development team! Please back our project.

Ace of Spies is a card game of set collecting and sneakiness that comes from the minds of two first time designers, Michael Fox and Mark Rivera with playtesting and development by industry legend Richard Borg. Players take on the roles of spymasters, tasked with taking on missions and gathering the resources needed to complete them. The more complex a mission, the more specific your required resources will be – but it’ll also be so much more valuable!

Ace of Spies Cover Art released

We are very pleased with the way Ace of Spies is shaping up as we run up to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign on April 20th.


Follow us on Twitter – @Ace_of_Spies,

on the Ace of Spies Facebook page!/groups/360772327296981/

or on the Boardgamegeek page






Agents. The time has come to wake from your sleep and prepare for action.

For too long we have sat quietly, waiting for the correct moment to strike. That time is now, as we ready ourselves for what will be our greatest moment. In ten days Ace of Spies will launch on Kickstarter and we will require the assistance of you, our supporters and friends, to ensure that we enter the fray with a bang, not a whimper.

Of course, we do not expect you to toil away for nothing. Already you have seen the generosity of our mysterious benefactor Mr White – our current attempts at solving coded messages have been embraced by countless would-be cryptographers. We are sure that even more will join in before one code cracker is selected to be the first to receive the following Spy Kit:

– A copy of Ace of Spies, naturally

– An invisible ink pen, complete with built in UV light to reveal your secret messages, and

– A spy pen with built in video camera to capture the movements of your enemies.

Of course, they will also receive the GLORY of VICTORY… but they will not be alone. And this is where we need YOU.

Our campaigns will be three-fold. First, the code breaking continues until April 19th – but we also plan to do yet more.

You will be aware of our Twitter feed – – put simply, we require it to grow. Every time the Followers counter clicks over another 100, we will give away Spy Kits, including copies of the game. Everyone who follows will be eligible to win. When we surpass 300 followers, Mr White has graciously allowed us to give away one Spy Kit. At 400, we shall hand out two Kits, at 500 three, and so on. Do whatever you can to increase the count – the more that follow, the more potential there is to win.

Finally, we are planning an invasion. The denizens of Board Game Geek, this very noted gaming site, must be made aware of our presence and – again – we require your assistance. Each day between April 11 and April 20, a code phrase will be posted on the Ace of Spies feed and on the game’s BGG page. You will need to slip this phrase into a post somewhere else on BGG and give us the link via Twitter using the hashtag #AOSinvasion – no hashtag, no entry.

Each day, a winner will be chosen at random from all posted links who will receive a small token of our gratitude – spy related DVDs, books and games are all up for grabs.

Ladies and gentlemen. You have your orders. Let battle commence.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM BASE OF SPIES. Want to win a copy of Ace of Spies plus some awesome spy gear? READ THIS NOW:

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM BASE OF SPIES. Want to win a copy of Ace of Spies plus some awesome spy gear? READ THIS NOW:

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. Do take a seat, why don’t you?

I’ve called you here today to see if you’re interested in doing a little work for us. Nothing too major, just a little bit of codebreaking. Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to do it for nothing…

Every day for the next week (from Monday April 9 through to Friday 13) I’ll be posting a code of some sort on the Ace of Spies page here on Board Game Geek. If you want to get ahead of the game, I’d suggest following the Ace of Spies twitter feed as well – – as they’ll be giving some helpful hints on how the codes can be broken every day.

Each code will comprise a question that will need to be answered. If you have that answer, send it to and – assuming you’re correct – you’ll score an entry into our prize giveaway. Get them all right and you’ll have a maximum of five entries. One entry will be chosen at random on April 19, the day before the Ace of Spies Kickstarter campaign launch, and they’ll win the following quite splendid prizes:

  • 1x Invisible Ink pen, complete with built in UV light to reveal your secret messages,
  • 1x Secret Spy pen, complete with built in video camera to capture your target’s movements, and
  • 1x copy of everyone’s favourite game of sets and sneaks, Ace of Spies!

Entries can be sent in at any time, but each of your answers must be sent INDIVIDUALLY! It makes life easier for us here at the Base of Spies. You’re only allowed ONE entry per day, so make sure you’re happy with your submission. The closing date and time for entries is 12 noon GMT on April 18, 2012. Any questions?


Good. Then let battle commence!