Have a look at Shadow Days on Kickstarter!

Have a look at Shadow Days on Kickstarter!

I have to say that very few board game projects on Kickstarter have drawn my attention as the themes have be very boring for the most part with few exceptions. And the exceptions were prohibitive due the cost of shipping to the UK. That aside, you might want to look at Shadow Days from Black Tea Studios.

Now as with all Kickstarter projects, its a bit of a punt as the finished article isn’t available to review yet, but for me, I would like to see this one succeed as it looks pretty interesting and a theme I would like.

Take a look at the Kickstarter page…


From the Kickstarter page –

Shadow Days is a new and exciting fantasy deckbuilding, combat and survival game from Black Tea Studios. It is easy to learn, simple to setup and most importantly, fun. Battle your opponent using creatures and powerful objects, while enduring fateful events. Earn gold to purchase mighty heroes and protective strongholds. It will take brawn, brains, gold, and a little luck to survive! Shadow Days is a must-have for any fantasy gamer.

Game Components

  • 78 Creature Cards
  • 23 Object Cards
  • 15 Event Cards
  • 5 Hero Cards
  • 6 Stronghold Cards
  • 8 Score Cards
  • 8 Glass Markers
  • 1 20-sided die

Players: 2-4 | Ages: 13+ | Playtime: 30-45 minutes


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