Q1 2012 announcements from White Goblin Games

Q1 2012 announcements from White Goblin Games

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – White Goblin Games, the Dutch board game publisher that is widely known for international successes like Rattus, Panic Station, Lost Temple, Revolver and more, officially announces the company’s plans for the upcoming months. Besides the official announcement of new games from international designers like Michael Schacht and Leo Colovini, the company also gives more information on some other interesting developments.


New international releases

In March 2012, the company’s international catalogue, will be expanded with no less than 4 new releases.

First, there’s Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom. This is a card game by Michael Schacht (Mondo, Zooloretto, Web of Power, etc). It takes place in a lab where 4 crazy creatures will be created by the players. Clouds of all colors come out of the chimney, and people tell weird stories about crazy creatures seen in the forest around the mansion. Help finish this extravagant experiments to create the world’s wackiest and craziest creatures ever seen! All players try to get rid of their cards – with which they increase or reduce the creatures – as cards in hand score penalty points at the end of a round. The player with the fewest penalty points at the end of the game wins and becomes Doctor Doom’s new apprentice!


Witches of Blackmore, a brand new game from designer Leo Colovini (Clans, Cartagena, Carolus Magnus, etc.) take place in a small village called Blackmore. A long, long time ago, it was hidden in a beautiful forest with huge trees and small forest trails. This village was home to a group of witches. They lived a peaceful and happy life full of magic and witchcraft. In the middle of the village was the Witches Wheel. A magical instrument so powerful that it would even surpass the magic of the most powerful witch. However, nobody has ever uttered the correct magic words to make the wheel work… until today. Witches of Blackmore is a surprising and unique trick taking card game, where the magic wheel will determines which cards are the best ones. 

Also a trick taking game, is Little Devils, from designer Michael Feldkötter. Everybody is fond of teasing and challenging each other from time to time. In this game you try to saddle opposing players with negative

cards. Every little devil scores a penalty point. But take care: you will not escape the ‘diabolical’ plans of your opponents either. Little Devils is a devilishly fun trick game you keep on playing, and where it’s not the first, but the second card that is played determines the goal of the round.

Last but certainly not least, is Crooks, from Neil Crowley. The game is set in New York, 1935. You are a cunning top criminal with a plan that just can’t fail. You only need a number of thieves and other scum to put these plans into practice. Fortunately, the city is packed with unemployed rogues who linger in bars, pool halls and by the racecourse waiting for a chance to make easy money. Gather the best thieves and rob various locations in the city so as to go home with the most money at the end of the day.

For these four releases, White Goblin Games only wanted to work with some of the best artists. While Tomasz Jedruszek (Magic, Neuroshima Hex, A Game of Thrones, Stronghold, etc.) took care of the illustrations for Witches of Blackmore, it was Dennis Lohausen (Principato, Hansa Teutonica, Dominion, Coney Island, etc.) who took care of the rest. All these four games come with rules books in German, English, French, Dutch and… Italian! This past year, while licensing rights for Lost Temple, Revolver, Rattus Africanus and Panic Station were sold to publishers worldwide, the company succeeded in finding good distribution partners for countries like Italy (Cranio Creations), the UK (Esdevium), France (Iello), Russia (Lifestyle) and Germany (Pegasus).

Gubs and Mondo Sapiens

For the Dutch speaking market only, White Goblin Games has also announced the release of a few new games. First of all, there’s the small but fun card game Gubs. White Goblin Games has also announced the stand-alone follow-up to Mondo, called Mondo Sapiens. All these games are expected to be released no later than March.

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