News from White Goblin Games – “Get your name in a board game” contest has ended

54 men will find their names  in brand new release from White Goblin Games

“Get your name in a board game” contest has ended.

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – Early January, Dutch board game publisher White Goblin Games started a ‘Get your name in a board game’ contest for their brand new board game Congo, which is scheduled for release in October 2012. Hundreds of people who were looking for real adventure responded to the Facebook-advertisement and this week, the 54 winners have been announced by the company that brought the world highly successful games like Rattus, Panic Station, Lost Temple, Revolver and more.

In the past few weeks, hundreds of people visited to tag themselves in the newspaper advertisement, in which the company asked for ‘brave men for a hazardous journey’. This week, the designer of the game, Mr. Jose Rivero, picked the 54 men for this expedition. Those 54 persons will see their name end up in the game, on the 54 character cards.

Three winners have also won a free copy of the game. Those three winners are: John Clark (Great Britain), Diego Granados Jurado (Spain) and Stellan Aspenström (Sweden). But there are more winners in this contest: 2 people who also tagged, but unfortunately don’t find their names back in this board game, have also won a copy of Congo: Erika Santos (Spain) and Anton Talantsev (Russia). They will get their copy of the game send to their home address as soon as production has finished.

Congo is a new game in the line of successful titles like Rattus and Lost Temple. The game will come in the same box size and is up for release around Essen 2012. The game takes place in 1884. Location: Africa. The major European imperialist powers (Great Britain, France, Germany and Belgium) are busy struggling to get a piece of the cake that was colonial Africa. At first they sent missions dedicated to exploration, but this quickly changes to vying for favourable concessions, treaties and even settlements. This race for supremacy and the desire to be the first to establish a foothold in Africa, provokes an endless series of confrontations and conflicts. At the start of the game, a paddle-wheeler steamboat is about to leave Leopoldville (now Kinshasa) and to sail up the Congo River, bound for the remote village of Kindu in the heart of deepest Africa. While the travellers aboard the steamer are of many different nationalities and professions, they all share the same spirit of adventure. Each player controls a group of these travellers and must compete with their opponent’s to take command of the colonial stations found at each stop along the steamer’s trip upstream. Players gain victory points for each station under their command.

Find the winners’ names here:




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