Review – Rallyman Dirt Expansion for Rallyman, from Rallyman.Fr

Designer – Jean-Christophe Bouvier

Art – Clovis, Stephane Gantiez

Yeah I was just a LOT excited to meet designer Jean-Christophe Bouvier at Essen and pick up a review copy of his new expansion for Rallyman called Rallyman Dirt.

You need a copy of Rallyman to use the Rallyman Dirt expansion. So, here is my earlier review of Rallyman so you can see that I am a huge fan of this wonderful game. I’ve rated it a 10 out of 10 which is rare for me.

With Rallyman Dirt, we find the Rally racing goes off-road and onto a variety of terrain to give you even more Rallyman goodness.


As with the original game, the quality of components and artwork is excellent and fully compatible with the base game.

You get –

– 4 new double-sided game boards adding new road surfaces including dirt/gravel and snow

– scoring pad

– 2 orange gas dice

– 8 tire dials

It all looks great and with the rulebook in 8 languages will please its global fans. The instructions for the tire Dials could have used more than just images as I struggled a bit but eventually figured out how to put them together. And boy are they useful as you now have 4 different types of tires to choose from.


A number of additional rules are now available which bring you more options and variety making for loads of replayability  including-

– further Drift options on gravel/dirt tracks as you would expect. The new gravel and snow boards are excellent with even more variety of tracks.

– Double  Downshifting – can be performed on gravel or snow with the right tires but it is risky although it may make the difference between winning and losing

– Sweeping – Being the Lead driver now becomes a double edged sword as although you can kick up debris on the main road by taking shortcuts, you now have the problem of less traction than the cars behind you which means you use the new orange gas dice which have a greater rik of causing damage to your car

– Late Points – a very interesting addition is the ability to give yourself a penalty  in time to try and prevent yourself from having the starting position on the next leg of the race

– Rivers – an extra terrain feature which adds to the feel of an off-road rally

– Tire choice – You now can choose from Asphalt, Soft (for mixed road surfaces), Gravel and Snow (2nd generation) and the brilliant Tire dials make it all very easy to keep track of in terms of the type and number of dice, whether or not you can double downshift, and how much damage you can take before losing control of your car which is nicer than the damage cards from the core game.

Did it work for me?

Woo Hoo! What a brilliant addition to the Rallyman game. Rallyman Dirt adds just enough extra to take you off-road to give you a fuller Rally experience. The extra rules are simple enough, are easily implemented and the Tire dials take away the need to look in the rules as the key reminders are right there. The additions work well, and are easy enough to understand and you will have them down after the first play through.

Very simply, this is high quality and I love it. If you haven’t tried a racing game, try Rallyman and for that extra Rally experience Rallyman Dirt.  If you are a racing game fan, especially Rallyman, what are you waiting for? Rallyman Dirt gets the checkered flag!

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 10 out of 10

For more information go to –


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