Review – Monty Python Fluxx from Looney Labs

Review – Monty Python Fluxx from Looney Labs

Designer – Andrew Looney

Art – Todd Hamilton

note – thanks to the good folks from Looney Labs for providing a review copy of this game

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Monty Python Fluxx!

I finally got to play a game with a Monty Python theme. My game group tends to go into Monty Python and the Holy Grail-speak when we play fantasy type games and it is always a good laugh when we do so. Being a huge Monty Python fan, there was a lot riding on playing the Fluxx version.


As with other card games from Looney Labs that I have reviewed recently, the cards are of a good quality and should stand up to plenty of playing, shuffling, etc. The art work by Todd Hamilton accurately captures the characters and theme of the Monty Python shows and in particular, the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail and will certainly bring a smile to the face of fans of the series. Whilst this game is listed as for an audience 2-6 players of age 13+, I would say that the ones who will really enjoy it most will be those who are Monty Python fans.


There are loads of fun Monty Python references in the art imagery and the text. I am sure that fans will instantly start quoting lines from the shows and the films and this adds to the fun.  The cards are clearly written and easy to understand so its easy to get with the flow of the game. Monty Python fans will take the theme and run with it beyond the images and text although these have no effect on the game itself.


“We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!”

As with other Fluxx games, Monty Python Fluxx is fantastically easy to learn as each card has its own set of instructions. The basic rules are straightforward – Draw a card, Play a card. As you draw cards, new information is added  –

– New rules which take effect instantly and are added to previous rules played if they don’t contradict

– Goals which means you can’t really plan ahead, just hope to get the right cards at the right time so you are subject to cards in play and cards you draw. Random and luck filled but if you accept that, its part of the game. Whoever completes the goal first wins.

– Keepers which are mostly needed to complete a goal

– Actions which are used once and discarded. They can cause major chaos or have no effect, you never know.

– Creepers are generally things you want to get rid of as holding them will prevent you from completing a goal to win

– Surprises which can be played any time, including someone else’s turn

The game plays very quickly and with all the information coming through on the cards, you will know what to do. Due to the constantly changing rules and goals, its hard to develop any strategy so its all down to the play of the cards in the moment. Some may not like the randomness, others will find it loads of fun.

Did it work for me?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?”

I can only repeat what I said previously about Star Fluxx. Being a fan of randomness helps a lot for me so I definitely enjoyed playing Monty Python Fluxx.  I have no doubt that my non-gamer friends who enjoy  Monty Python will enjoy it as well as I will be able to teach it within minutes. That is a great point for me as I will use it with non-gamers as some light fun which doesn’t take too long. I do like the changing rules and goals as you do have to stay on your toes and it is also a great equalizer when playing with serious gamers who like to plan things out and look for optimum strategies. Having said that, I think that they are less likely to want to play. For me, this is my favourite of the Fluxx games as I love the theme and can easily add to it. Others may like the theme to have a bit more depth but this just wouldn’t fit the Fluxx model so like Top Trumps, the theme is pasted onto the core mechanics engine which purrs along nicely. A fun experience with a fun game.

For an easy, brain-friendly family game, Monty Python Fluxx works very nicely indeed, squire.

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 7.5 out of 10

Family friendly?

The theme is more suited to fans of Monty Python

For further information go to –

Victory Point Games Press Release – Malta Besieged released!




Victory Point Games Press Release – Malta Besieged released! 

From designer Steve Carey“That Scorpion of the Sea,” Malta Besieged:1940 – 1942 is a solitaire game covering the pivotal World War II years of the mid-1940 through 1942 period in the often overlooked Battle for the Mediterranean. You are placed in the role of the Commonwealth Commander in the theatre, and must utilize every resource at your disposal to fend off unrelenting Axis attacks in order to ensure the survival of the island of Malta.

Built upon the States of SiegeTM engine, Malta Besieged features both familiar and innovative gameplay. Players must safely shepherd vulnerable convoys – and their valuable cargoes – in order to effectively wage war. With the ability to trade Supply for extra Actions at the most crucial moments, there is additional emphasis on that precious resource and it also creates extremely tense convoy battles which are resolved as the game progresses.

With various events and important decisions to make, will you have the wisdom, leadership, fortitude, and luck to save the island of Malta and win the North African Campaign?

Click here for all the details and to order Malta Besieged.

– Victory Point Games

VPG Press Release – Loot and Scoot application now available!

VPG’s first Digital Game is now on sale!

At long last, Loot and Scoot: The Digital Game is available on the App Store and Android Market! Based off of Chris Taylor’s design of the board game, Loot and Scoot, this is a fast-playing game of dungeons, dragons and running faster than the hirelings when the going gets too tough.
In this push-your-luck dungeon crawler game of 1-4 players, you will be able to construct dungeons, recruit adventuring groups, and loot the most treasure before the Dungeon Boss is found… and killed.

Iphone/Ipad requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Android requirements
: Android 2.2 and up.

Click here for all the details and to order the Loot and Scoot application!

– Victory Point Games

NEWS from Columbia Games: Shenandoah Shipping & Columbia Con

Shenandoah is here and it looks sharp.  Columbia Games is  starting shipping Monday and everyone who has pre-ordered should receive it in plenty of time for some good holiday gaming.

We will offer 1 final chance to get the game with a mounted map at a good price.

Order item 3311M and use coupon code: Jackson.

This code will get you the mounted map version for 20% off of the price – Just $72.

ColumbiaCon runs during Prezcon in Charlottesville, Virginia

Feb 20th – Feb 26th

Join special guests including Grant and Tom Dalgliesh, Jerry Taylor, Justin Thompson and Carl Willner

To register just sign up for Prezcon from the Registrations link on the left and select ColumbiaCon.  There is no additional charge.

Review – Seven Dragons from Looney Labs

Review – Seven Dragons from Looney Labs

Designer – Andrew Looney

Art – Larry Elmore

note – thanks to Looney Labs for providing a review copy of this game

Oh boy, another game featuring Larry Elmore’s art. Must check it out right? Dragons… check.  Fantasy theme… check. Fast playing card game… check. Ok, I’m interested so let’s have a look at Seven Dragons.

Looney Labs are surely specialists in simple, fast playing, family games and this looks like it fits the model. Based on an earlier published game, Aquarius, this is a dominoes-like game for 2-5 players age 6+ where the object is to be the first to play your cards and connect 7 Dragons.


This is a GORGEOUS game with outstanding artwork by famed fantasy artist Larry Elmore. If you are a fan of dragons in any way, this is a must purchase just for the artwork. The game includes 72 cards: 5 Goals, 1 Silver Dragon, and a deck containing 51 Dragon cards and 15 Action cards. All are of good card stock quality and will withstand regular plays and a pleasure to look at.



An easy game to play, Seven Dragons starts with each player randomly given a goal card wich tells them which coloured dragon they need to connect 7 of to win. The Silver Dragon card is placed in the centre of the table and remains there throughout. Then each player draws 3 cards as their starting hand.

Each turn the players draw one card from the draw pile and then draws a card from their hand and:

– Plays a Dragon card adjacent to another card following simple connection rules. There are 5 different Dragon colours, plus a Rainbow Dragon which is a wild card. The Silver Dragon is the start card. It changes colour when anyone plays an Action card is played. The idea is to place Dragon cards to connect 7 of the same colour so the players will have to think about positioning to connect for their goal and block others. There are also multi-connection bonuses of extra cards into your hand when using multi-paneled cards just right as well.

– Plays an Action – there are 5 actions with 3 of each type in the deck. Each action is self explanatory – Trade Hands, Trade Goals, Move a Card, Rotate Goals and Zap a card. These add some nice unpredictability and tactics to the game.

Overall, the rules are clear, the structure and gameplay moves quickly and smoothly. The interaction and uncertainty adds a nice level of spice and unpredictability.



Did it work for me?

I am quickly becoming a fan of Looney Labs‘ games and Andrew Looney‘s designs. Yep, Seven Dragons is a lovely game pure and simple because it is pure and simple. Genius decision to get Larry Elmore‘s art as it looks terrific. There is enough simplicity, ease of learning and engaging gameplay for the family and a bit of tactics and nice level of interaction for non-gamers and experienced gamers alike as a light, fast card game which is really fun. Pretty much everything you could ask for in this type of game. Well recommended!

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 7 out of 10 

Family friendly?

Awesome family fun!

For more information go to –

VPG Press Release – Assault on Galactus Prime expansion kit 1: The Empire Shoots Back now on sale!

 VPG Press Release – Assault on Galactus Prime expansion kit 1: The Empire Shoots Back
As the Empire stood and witnessed the surprise assault on their beloved Galactus Prime, they plotted revenge. Now, they’re rebuilding and retaliating in full force! The first expansion for Tom Decker’s Assault on Galactus Prime, The Empire Shoots Back, broadens your options and promotes wilder gameplay in this deck-building, push-your-luck game. Now it’s time for you to fight back before it’s too late!

Note, the Assault on Galactus Prime Expansion Kit 1: The Empire Shoots Back is not a ‘stand alone’ game. You must own a copy of Assault on Galactus Prime to use this expansion kit.

Click here for all the details and to order Assault on Galactus Prime Expansion #1: The Empire Shoots Back.

– Victory Point Games

Listen to what we have to say about Kickstarter on the latest GMS Magazine podcast

Listen to what we have to say about Kickstarter!

Love it or loathe it, Kickstarter is bringing a number of new games to our attention. Is Kickstarter a good thing or a bad thing for gaming? We talk about what we have been playing recently and then chat to Richard Bliss aka the Game Whisperer who is very knowledgeable about the Kickstarter phenomenon and he has a lot to say as do Paco and I as we discuss our views.