Review of IceDice from Looney Labs

Review of IceDice from Looney Labs

Designer – Andrew Loney

note – many thanks to Looney Labs for providing a review copy of this game

I’d heard about the Looney Pyramids games but never had a chance to play them so I was very pleased to have the chance to do so. In a creative departure from their card games, Looney Labs have created colourful plastic pyramids that are used in some of their games.

As with a number of their games, IceDice is a quite simple game for 2 players age 14+ (although I reckon you can play this easily with children 8+) and it only takes 5-10 minutes. So a definite very filler. But is it fun?


Or un-bagging more like…

IceDice comes in a bag and comes with 2 specialised dice and 2 sets of 15 coloured pyramids in sets of 3 sizes. The rules come on a small 4-page pamphlet. The plastic pyramids are well made, solid and dureable as are the dice. The presentation is very appealing. See? Pretty aren’t they!


IceDice is very much a “push your luck game” and the object is to be the first to collect 3 monochrome Trios of pyramids. Again, a very simple game that takes a few minutes to play, each player sets out their pyramids by size and colour in their bank as shown above.

On your turn you roll the 2 dice. 1 shows a colour and the other the type of pyramid you can place in the counter area. Then you can store the pyramid in your vault area or press your luck and keep rolling to add more pyramids. However, if you roll the same colour a second time, you “Bust Out” and all the lovely pyramids that you have carefully stored in your counter area go back to the bank. So tough luck.

A nice rule allows you to steal pyramids from the other player’s vault which can be mean but also a good “take that” element. Another nice element is the Rainbow Bonus which says if you collect 5 colours without without Busting Out, you can store them safely in your vault and carry on rolling the dice. Very hard to do and risky, but with a nice reward.

Did it work for me?

This is a lovely, clever, yet simple game. Great for non-gamers, very nice to play with children. IceDice is a nice diversion between heavier games which is luck driven with good tension as you push your luck and nice interaction with the stealing element.. It is a very nice game even if you don’t like luck based games because it is quick and the pyramids are a nice, attractive alternative in components. I couldn’t really ask for more from what it is meant to be. It works a treat and ias good, simple fun. Get a second set and a good bash with 4 players!

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 7 out of 10

Family friendly?

Yes, even for young ones. I recommend purchasing 2 sets.

For more information go to –

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