News from Lost Battalion Games – Road to Carentan expansion for Sergeants Miniatures Game coming

The first expansion for Sergeants Miniatures Game is just around the corner. “Road to Carentan” extends the action that “Day of Days” began, with 20 scenarios, a new story deck, new “ordnance” cards, and much more. Enough new map tiles to double what came in “Day of Days,” and borders and charts to make multi-player games easy. Pre-orders before November 15 get first shipping, plus a free US Carbine Leader. For more information…

Expand Your SMG Battles

“Road to Carentan” (just “Carentan” from now on) includes 2 more 10” Landmark tiles and 16 – 5” regular map squares. All backprinted for multiple uses. This is the same number which came with Day of Days, meaning you can make larger maps and create bigger battles—DOUBLE THE SIZE of what you have been enjoying SMG on. This will really provide maneuver room and make those machine-guns all the more important, and makes multi-player games much more fun. There are extra map boarders and a new player sheet as well.

Extras Beyond Scenarios and Map

“Carentan” also includes a full deck of 64 story cards, including the new cards needed for new Landmarks, new random events, and more. There are new objective cards of course, plus something completely new–“Ordnance cards” that mean you can use panzerfausts, rifle grenades, radios, and specialized explosives. New cards and easy rules add more excitement and louder options.

Pre-Orders Get Double Bonus

Pre-Order “Carentan” now, before November 15 2011, and receive a Bonus US Carbine Leader. Pre-Orders will also ship first, before general release sales.



Double your map size. Double your fun. Add an extra leader!


Pre-Order “Road to Carentan” before November 15 2011. Only $59.95, plus shipping.


(And if you don’t have the “Assault Teams” for each side, this might be a good time…)


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