News from Against The Odds Magazine – Right, Fierce & Terrible – Sluys 1340 plus Schwarm in the latest issue

News from Against The Odds Magazine – Right, Fierce & Terrible – Sluys 1340 plus Schwarm in the latest issue number 34


Most people think of the 100 Years War as a battle over the geography and dynastic questions of who would rule which parts of France.

The 100 Years War is known for sieges, sacking, lots of misery, a few large battles like Crecy and Agincourt, and famous leaders like the Black Prince and Joan of Arc. But naval battles?

Actually, the first significant action of the Hundred (and 15) Years War took place off the coast of Flanders in 1340. And changed everything. The French had been dominating the Channel, largely through the services of hired Genoese galleys. They sacked several English cities and spread terror and dissatisfaction (with Edward) amongst the population, halting the wool and wine trade, plus spreading the very real fear that the French might invade. The Battle of Sluys was a decisive victory for Edward III that gave the English command of the Channel and insured that the rest of the war would be fought on French soil.

Now, this important but little known battle is yours for the trying, with Right Fierce & Terrible: The Battle of Sluys, the game and core of ATO #34.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, or to order, see

Subscribers also receive a bonus game, Schwarm!, a solo game on German fighters trying to pick off a stray bomber. (Looks like a reverse version of “B-17, Queen of the Skies.”)

If you are new to the AtO site, check out the rest of the lineup. A person subscribing now would get “Right Fierce” (and Schwarm!) and then get issues dealing with Boudicca’s Rebellion, the campaign in Burma, and the Russian Revolution. Subscribers can also sign up and get a substantial bonus on the “Annual” issue (bigger and more detailed than a regular issue), which for this coming year is called “Beyond Waterloo,” an interesting look at the ENTIRE situation when “Boney” returned from Elba, that gives players the flexibility to pursue all available avenues… including the intriguing possibility of there being no “Waterloo” fought at all. Details here.

There are also some attractive packages on back issues.

So check out Against the Odds Magazine, for in-depth articles and new viewpoints on a variety of historical situations (and a game—or several—in each issue!).



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