Press release from White Goblin Games – White Goblin Games releases Rattus Shuffle app for Android


Press release from White Goblin Games – White Goblin Games releases Rattus Shuffle app for Android

New application selects the cards you’re going to play with

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – Dutch board game publisher White Goblin Games, the company that is responsible for the highly successful board game Rattus, is proud to announce the launch of the Rattus Shuffle application for Android mobile devices. Rattus Shuffle randomly selects for you with which cards you’re going to play the board game Rattus. The application is available now at the Android Market and is totally free.

After you’ve started the Rattus Shuffle app and before you’re actually going to play the game, you can choose from all the available expansions and select whether you’re going to play with 5 or 6 players or not. Rattus Shuffle will then determine with which combination of cards you’re going to play the game! With all cards that have seen the light of day to date, no less than 652,458,240 different combinations of cards are possible. It takes you only about 500 million hours of your life to try them all… Rattus Shuffle can now be downloaded for free and even includes the cards from the new Rattus expansion Rattus Africanus, as well as the 4 bonus cards (including their special abilities!) that come with this expansion for early birds. At this point in time, this app is only available for Android devices. You can find some screenshots and download the app here:


Since the release of the base game, early 2010, Rattus has been a big success on gaming tables worldwide. Last year, White Goblin Games already released an expansion which added a lot of variety to the basic game. Including the free and exclusive promo cards containing the likes of Robin Hood, Dracula, Merlin and Jeanne D’Arc that came with the expansion for people who bought it at Spiel 2010 and the promo card The Judge that came with French board game magazine Plato, millions and millions of different combinations of cards could be made. Especially the demand for the 2010 promo cards was and still is very high.

Rattus Africanus

In about two weeks, during Spiel 2011, a new expansion for Rattus is amongst games like Panic Station, Lost Temple, Revolver, Singapore and Dragon’s Gold one of the six titles that will be released. Rattus Africanus will mark the introduction of a caravan, as well as diplomats. This will add more strategic possibilities to the game and with the introduction of region cards, players will have more control on possible outbreaks of the Black Death. Rattus Africanus will make playing Rattus feel like a completely new experience! Besides that, this expansion also makes it possible to play the game with 5 and 6 players. Rattus, the base game, has been a big hit internationally so far and by adding a whole new playing experience to the Rattus-family, the success of this game will become even bigger. Rattus Africanus can now be pre-ordered from the White Goblin Games website:

Directly go to the app? Scan this QR-code with your mobile device:


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