Final ESSEN Preview from White Goblin Games – Lost Temple by Bruno Faidutti

Final ESSEN Preview from White Goblin Games – Lost Temple by Bruno Faidutti

Here comes Lost Temple, which is essentially a race between 2-8 players ages 10+ who are explorers looking for a mysterious lost temple. They are competing to find the temple, crossing the jungle and receiving help from the indigenous people. The first player that reaches the temple on the last space of the track wins the game.

I got a chance to look through the rules so let’s see what it looks like…

Components wise, the board, with very nice artwork by Piero, has a jungle with Temples which are the race end points and movement spaces marked with circles. Adventurer meeples, machete and chance tokens, emerald gems, an idol marker and finally, Character and Player aid cards complete the package.

The standard rules are for 4-8 players and there are special rules for 2-3 players. With 2-5 players you will use the whole board but with 6-8 players you will only use the first part of the board. Each round has 2 phases – Character selection and Movement.

The game engine revolves around the 9 Character cards which are chosen each turn, the player farthest behind and holding the Idol Marker, choosing first.  Each round, some of the cards are set aside and not used, some are set face up, some face down. There is a table which gives you this information which changes according to how many players. So, you get to choose from known characters or risk taking an unknown character. The Character cards provide you with starting gems, character movement and/or special ability, starting space and the Scout and Child Characters start with a machete token.

Players take their moves in a predetermined order (called out by the player holding the Idol token) according to what characters they have chosen so each round should see a different player order.

Character Cards

Shaman – You get to curse another character and swap meeples with them which will be very helpful if they are ahead of you.

Thief – You can steal gems from another chacter.

Seer – You get to look at 2 Chance tokens

Priest – You can pay 2 gems to move to the next Temple space

Elder – You can pay 2 gems to move to the next Village space

Craftsman – You get a free machete – which is needed to get through Deep Jungle spaces

Scout – You can move one space per gem paid (normal movement is 1-2 spaces)

Canoe – pay ALL your gems, move twice that many spaces up to a maximum of 20

Child – You can freely move forward to catch up with the next nearest meeple

Chance tokens – when you end your turn on a Chance space, you  reveal a token and apply its effects movement, gems, machetes or Idol token possession.

note – 2-3 players – Each player plays 2 Character cards per turn and takes 2 movements every round.

This looks like a really nice family game but with enough experienced gamer to have fun. I look forward to playing it.

For more information, go to –


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