Victory Point Games Press Release – Hero of Weehawken now on sale!

VPG Press Release – Hero of Weehawken now on sale!

The Aaron Burr Conspiracy: 1805-1807

Hero of Weehawken, from designer Robert Leonhard, is a solitaire game in which you take on the role of President Thomas Jefferson at a dangerous moment in the history of the young American Republic. In your eyes, your former Vice President, Aaron Burr, has been disgraced after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey, and is now somewhere out West. Rumors abound that he is orchestrating some grand conspiracy to invade Mexico, detach the Western United States, or even stage a coup d’etat against your administration!

To forestall this disaster, you must first determine Burr’s real intentions, gathering evidence to try him along the way. Then you must find and arrest him before he executes his
plan (or maybe you believe that Burr might be innocent!).

Can you sort through the clues and make your moves in time? With the destiny of the American Republic and your legacy in history at stake, take a shot and issue your own Presidential Proclamation to foil this “Hero of Weehawken!

Click here for all the details and to order Hero of Weehawken.


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