Press release – Boardgames Les Editions du Matagot / Hazgaard Editions The making of Takenoko by Antoine Bauza !










Press release – Boardgames  Les Editions du Matagot / Hazgaard Editions  The making of Takenoko  by Antoine Bauza !

Now, let’s discover the story of Takenoko’s creation. Antoine Bauza, the author of Takenoko, returns on the development of his game, and on the origin of his inspiration, a travel in Japan.

« Takenoko is one of the first games I worked on. It has experienced many versions and its evolution has been so chaotic that I have difficulties to remember exactly the whole story. The idea of the game came to me back from my first travel in Japan, in december 2003. During my visit of Tokyo zoo, I’ve been photographed at the parc entrance in front of a funny sculpture of two chinese pandas, a big one and a little one, cercling by bambous. Seeing this photography back to France has been the declic which put the project up. The only thing which never changed was the name Takenoko, literally « bamboo shoot ». So, it was a normal photography during a touristic travel which gave birth to this game. The first prototype versions included two pandas, but the little one disappeared during the development. Nature is sometimes crual…

Takenoko’s development, long and tumultuous, has kept an immuable direction : I wanted players to have the feeling that bamboos were really growing in front of them. To offer such experience, it’s was imperative that the material was good. Hazgaard and Matagot perfectly understood that, and of course respect my will. They found an elegant solution to give life to bambous. It took quiet a long time, but I think that the result really worth it. I thank them for their investment and perseverance.

We tried to make a great family game with beautiful visuals and materials and based on an original topic. I hope you will like it ! ». Antoine Bauza, 4th september 2011.

See you in october to discover this lively and charming world !

Charlotte / Matagot

+ 33 1 42 17 44 62


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