News from Lost Battalion Games – It’s the “First Sergeants Program” for Sergeants Miniatures Game

It’s the “First Sergeants Program” for Sergeants Miniatures Game!


As of August 20, we have about 50 pre-release copies of “Day of Days” left, and enough extra figures to get everyone started as actively as they want.

We plan on putting a temporary hold on “shipping” when these run out, as the factory and production lines are really tooled up. Come October, we’ll have a “General Release” and have several hundred copies of Day of Days ready to ship and hundreds of extra figures and will be able to handle heavy numbers of games sold and shipped after then.

But for right now–

We’re looking for folks who want to play Sergeants Miniatures Game and share the joy. And we’ll make it fun and special if you help us.

Sign up for “First Sergeants.” This applies to those who already have Day of Days and those who will get those 50 copies. What do you do? Play Sergeants Miniatures Game. Show it to your friends. Share it at the FLGS or game club meetings. And tell folks about it!

Post After-Action Reports, photos, and insider observations on BGG, ConSimworld, Facebook, and anywhere else you think is a good place to let the world know about this new and very different game system.  Notice that, on BGG for example, we have one “Review” (written during Historicon—a long time ago!) and zero “Session” entries.  Let’s fix that!

Register before you start—just your name, email, and mailing address at: If you use a ‘screen name” at BGG or someplace else that makes it hard to know who you are, please include that as well.

I’ll monitor the efforts and keep track of the cool ideas, and send out a newsletter updating what others are doing. Sharing ideas helps all of us. That’s the point of “registering” and also keeping in touch. I’ll be monitoring the 3 sites I’ve mentioned, but if you think of other sites to show off the game, USE THEM and tell me about it! Write to that address and tell me new sites you’ve posted. Feel free to ask about an idea you have. This is all about communication.


“What’s in it for me?”

Aside from the pleasure of showing new folks how to play, you can have some very cool additions.

Get a few AARs and photos published, you will get one of your Privates “promoted.” Yep. Send me his name and dog-tag number, you’ll get back a new Soldier card with him as a junior NCO and the 3 action cards to use if you want him wearing stripes in a scenario. He’ll get a “badge” too, included in his new art. (That’s the “Assault Badge” for Germans and the Combat Infantry Badge for US).

Get more stuff done, maybe the same private gets TWO promotions, or you get two privates promoted to junior NCO.  We have a lot of room for perks and thank yous and want to do it for folks who spread the joy.

Do great stuff? Here comes a great offer. Your own, personal Leader. You pick the name, which side, weapon type, send in a photo, and get a full “Leader” pack with the figure, that name in 3 different soldier cards, and all the Action cards that go with him.  He’ll be “badged” too, because he is the sign of a special effort.

We’ll also make sure the First Sergeants are “first in line” to get or hear about new products and other news. We may ask if you’d like to help with scenario playtesting.  When we can connect at a convention, it will be cool!  I believe there will be some “sweetheart deals offered as well. You’ll be seated at the front of the pipeline and helping us take SMG to the new places we have in mind.

How long does this last?

I’ll be checking registrations starting…now.  As I said, I’ll be monitoring BGG, ConSimworld (we have a thread there under “WWII GAME SERIES”) and the Facebook page. I’ll start a new album on FB for “demos from players” and post the pix you send me or place on BGG/CsW (or other sites) yourselves. Again, if you start threads in new places, let me know so I can monitor those too.

The effort will end October 3rd and I’ll get in touch with everyone who registered and stayed active and talk to you about what to do next.

Folks, the one thing I ask is not to think about this as a competition with each other.  It certainly is not.

This is a big game world and LBG is intentionally not putting some sort of “limit” on how many personalized Leaders we’ll give out.  If 80 of you do great, cool things, that’s how many we’ll give out. You’ll score points for originality, sure, but also for ideas that help others show off the game. The point here is taking a very new, very different system and getting player numbers ramped up so that, maybe as soon as next summer, we can be doing some cool things like competitions or tournaments at national conventions.  This really is a win-win system for everyone who gets involved.


So if you have Day of Days now—get playing! If you’d like to join First Sergeants but don’t have the game yet, get moving!

If you would like to be part of the First Sergeants Program and buy any of the Day of Days copies or the supporting Leaders or Teams listed below, please email and we will send you an invoice and a PayPal request confirming your order. If PayPal is not your payment of choice and you would prefer to pay via credit card, you can call us at 443-986-1655 with your credit card information. (Please do not send credit card information via email as this is not a secure way of protecting your information)

Here is a list of items currently available:
$99.95 Sergeants Miniatures Game -1 Day of Days – (4) US Army Paratrooper Soldiers, (4) German Luftlande Soldiers, (2) Landmarks, (16) Terrain Tiles, Story Deck, Rules, Scenarios, Rulers and Borders

All leaders include 16 cards.
$19.95 SMG-0006 US Army Paratrooper Leader Rifle (1) M1 Garand Rifle Soldier with three ranks
$19.95 SMG-0008 US Army Paratrooper Leader Thompson (1) 1 M1A1 Thompson Soldier with three ranks
$19.95 SMG-0007 US Army Paratrooper Leader M2 Carbine
(1) 1 M2 Carbine Soldier with three ranks

Each soldier includes 7 cards, so each team includes 28 cards.
$39.95 SMG-0002 US Army Paratroopers BAR Team (1) BAR, (3) M1 Garand Soldiers
$39.95 SMG-0003 US Army Paratroopers .30 CAL Team ( 1) .30 Caliber Machinegun, 1 M1 Garand Rifle (tripod bearer), 2 M1 Garand Rifle Soldiers
$39.95 SMG-0004 US Army Paratroopers – Assault Weapons Team (1) M1A1 Thompson, (1) M1 Garand Rifle Grenade, (2) M1 Garand Rifle Soldiers
$39.95 SMG-0005 US Army Paratroopers Rifle Team (4 )M1 Garand Rifle Soldiers

Each leader includes 16 cards
$19.95 SMG-0013 German Luftlande Leader Mauser 98 (1) Mauser98 Soldier with three ranks
$19.95 SMG-0012 German Luftlande Leader MP40 (1) MP40 Soldier with three ranks

Each Soldier includes 7 cards, so each team includes 28 cards
$39.95 SMG-0011 German Luftlande Rifle Team (4) Mauser 98 Rifle Soldiers
$39.95 SMG-0009 German Luftlande MG42 Team (1) MG42, (1) Mauser98 (ammo bearer), (2) Mauser98 Rifle Soldiers
$39.95 SMG-0010 German Luftlande Assault Weapons Team (1) MP40, (1) Mauser98 (with Panzerfaust), (2) Mauser98 Rifle Soldiers



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