Preview – upcoming Essen release from White Goblin Games – Revolver, a Wild West non-collectible card game

Preview – Revolver, an upcoming Essen release from White Goblin Games

Designer – Mark Chaplin

Artist – Chechu Nieto

Yee-haw! Saddle-up pardner for the next in a series of games to be released at Essen Spiel this year from White Goblin Games!

Revolver, is a non-collectible card game for 2 players, playing Colonel Ned McReady or bandito Jack Colty, set in the wild west. Not the glamorized and pretty sanitized wild west of John Ford/John Wayne films (of which I am a big fan), but more like the gritty, nasty wild west of Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films with unsavory characters on both sides of the law.

Fyi, this is a reboot of Mark Chaplin’s previous game, Aliens: This Time It’s War so if you like that game, purchase of Revolver should be a no-brainer.

Having read the rules, Revolver seems to be a no-holds-barred game where the players battle it out in a series of gunfights across 5 locations or “battlefields” which are arranged in columns, where cards are played as each gunfight takes place. Each player has a deck of 62 cards which include Firepower, Row-blocking and One-shot effect cards. Other cards are also included for other things such as characters, the 5 battlefields, etc. as well as tokens for tracking effects and information.

The rules and cards are clearly laid out but of course, you will need to learn the card effects which is helped with use of icons. The artwork is quite evocative and very nicely done by Checho Nieto


and there is a nice amount of flavour text in the rules which fleshes a thematic storyline that the players will follow as they try to effectively use their cards to take each other out. The backgrounds of McReady, Colty and his gang members should bring the game to life. There is a variety of cards with various thematic events and special rules to be played for each player and it certainly appears that there will be a real challenge for the players in terms of which cards to play and when to play them to best effect. I do like the sound of progressing through the 5 battlefields which I suspect will give Revolver the sense of playing through a western film.

It’s basically kill or be killed to win the game. Or at least, stopping the Colty gang from crossing the border into Mexico. No mystical, magical missions here. No elves, dwarves, aliens or whatnot. Its all about how hard you are and how good you are with your six-shooter. This is a straightforward, in your face confrontation.

Each player seems to have different dynamics of strengths and limitations in their cards to deal with. For instance, whilst the Colty gang has 16 gang characters, they have a limitation of 3 cards that can be used in any one battlefield, the Colonel Ned player has no such limitation on the other hand. It will be very interesting to see how the different decks can be used. I suspect that there should be loads of replayability here.

Revolver looks like a challenging and really fun game, especially if you are a fan of westerns, and a nice change from the usual fantasy/sci-fi card games out there. I look forward to playing it.

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