Press release – Flatlined Games is pleased to announce our second game : Rumble in the House, by Olivier Saffre.

Flatlined Games is pleased to announce our second game : Rumble in the House, by Olivier Saffre.

Rumble in the House will be released in Semptember, shortly before the Essen Spiel’11 Game Fair.
Flatlined games will be present at Essen Spiel’11, in booth 4-216.

About the Game

Living together in a small house is not easy… When the pressure is too high, it’s time for a big rumble in the house! Try to keep your secret character inside the house as long as possible.

Rumble in the House is a very simple game of bluffing and guessing.

Characters are placed in the house during setup. Each player gets two secret character tokens. Players may in turn move or eliminate ont of the characters in the house. The player that kept one of his secret characters in play for the longest time shall win the round. During the game, other player’s actions provide clues about their identity, or intended false leads. Each player tries to guess which are the other player’s characters in order to eliminate them, while keeping their own safe.

The simple mechanics and short play time make Rumble in the House a family game for 3 to 6 players aged 8 years and older.

The humoristic art from Kwanchai Moriya perfectly suits this minimalistic party-game.

Rumble in the House is a small format box (11x11x3Cm) and will be available in a multilingual edition including rules in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and german. MSRP is 15EUR.

You can download the rules from our website :
About the Author

Olivier Saffre, a.k.a. ‘ken Rush’ online, comes from Harchies, Belgium.

This young father is a passionate gamer, playing roleplaying games, LARP, board games, miniatures games and video games. Ruble in the House is his first published design. He also is passionate about anything zany and kitsch, in every possible domain.

About Flatlined Games

Flatlined Games is a new boardgames publisher, based in Brussels, Belgium.
Flatlined Games will target niche markets in the boardgames market, and address these niches globally with multilingual editions.

Flatlined Games will also market small games targeted at a much borader public, which will be available trough the regular distribution market.

Eric Hanuise is the owner of Flatlined Games. With Frederic Moyersoen he is co-designer of Batt’l Kha’os, published in 2009 by Z-Man Games.

Contact info

Eric Hanuise
eric.hanuise at flatlinedgames dot com <

39 rue gheude
1070 Anderlecht

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