Preview – Singapore – an upcoming Essen release from White Goblin Games

Preview – Singapore – an upcoming Essen release from White Goblin games

The good folks at White Goblin Games will bring a number of new releases to Essen Spiel in October and I have the privilege of previewing each one in the upcoming weeks right here on Boardgames in Blighty. All very exciting!

So let’s start with Singapore, designed by Peer Sylvester with artwork by Alexandre Roche.

Singapore is a game where the players are developing the city of Singapore and making the most of trading resources to become the most successful Merchant. Definitely one for you Euro Game fans as the game features the classic mechanics of city building (by placing building tiles), worker placement (workers move along roads to the buildings you want to take an action at) and collecting resources/trading, etc. to gain victory points. The city is built using 3 stages of building tiles of increasing value so the opportunities will be there for obtaining greater returns as the city grows. A really interesting aspect of the game is that there is also the option to take considered risks by dealing in the Opium trade if you feel the opportunity is right. With the lingering threat of being raided by the authorities, this brings a clear push-your-luck element to the game which sounds like fun. No two games will play exactly the same as the building tiles where resources are collected are randomly chosen. So there will be good replay value.


As you can see above, the artwork looks visually very appealing and I fully expect the production quality to up there with the best Euros around, especially based upon previous games that White Goblin Games have published. The rules are simple and straightforward, the mechanics seem very clean and all is clearly laid out. It shouldn’t take very long at all to learn and start playing. Having said that, there seem to be enough choices and decisions to make to keep you thinking but not make your head explode.

Now I am not wholly a diehard Euro Gamer but I do tend to enjoy lighter Euros and Singapore looks like a game that will be very appealing and fun. The rules are succinct which will mean that it will be all about the playing, and not getting bogged down in rules. It should be ideal for Euro game fans and probably a relatively safe bet to introduce to less experienced gamers. I look forward to seeing how it works for me.


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