Press release from White Goblin Games – New card for Rattus a Boardgamegeek exclusive!

Boardgamegeek mascot starring at new card for successful board game Rattus:

New card for Rattus a Boardgamegeek exclusive!


2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – In cooperation with designers Ase and Henrik Berg, Dutch board game publisher White Goblin Games has developed a new bonus card for Rattus, their highly successful board game about the Black Death which strikes in Europe during the Middle Ages. The card is called ‘The Jester’ and stars Ernie, the mascot of highly influential board game community Boardgamegeek. The card truly is a Boardgamegeek exclusive and will only be available from the Boardgamegeek store.


Since the release of the basic game, early 2010, Rattus has been a big success on gaming tables worldwide. Last year, White Goblin Games already released an expansion which added a lot of variety to the basic game. Including the free and exclusive promo cards containing the likes of Robin Hood, Dracula, Merlin and Jeanne D’Arc that came with the expansion for people who bought it at Spiel 2010 and the promo card The Judge that came with French board game magazine Plato, millions and millions of different combinations of cards could be made. Especially the demand for the 2010 promo cards was and still is very high.


Reason for Boardgamegeek to contact White Goblin Games about it. The result? Meet the jester, the newest card in the Rattus family. The card was developed and tested by designers Ase and Henrik Berg, exclusively for Boardgamegeek. When you look closely, you can even recognize long time Boardgamegeek mascot Ernie in the design of the card. ‘It’s very nice to develop something special, especially when it’s for such a fantastic community like Boardgamegeek’, explains Johan Kuipers of White Goblin Games. ‘So we can only encourage you to keep on supporting Boardgamegeek and we wish you all a lot of fun with the jester. During the Middle Ages, it was the jester’s task to entertain the people. So there’s an obvious link between this card, the game and Boardgamegeek’, he adds. ‘Besides that, a jester is a funny and strange guy so our jester had to do something funny and strange… The player who has the jester, is allowed to take 2 cubes from his supply in hands and drop them on the board from about 30 to 40 cm height. Where the cubes end, they will settle.’

The card will be for sale through the Boardgamegeek store, which can be found here:, starting today.


The release of the jester will not be the only new Rattus material that will see the light of day this year. There’s a new and big Rattus expansion up for release in October. Rattus Africanus will mark the introduction of a caravan, as well as diplomats. This will add more strategic possibilities to the game and with the introduction of region cards, players will have more control on possible outbreaks of the Black Death. Rattus Africanus will make playing Rattus feel like a completely new experience! Besides that, this expansion also makes it possible to play the game with 5 and 6 players. Rattus, the basic game, has been a big hit internationally so far and by adding a whole new playing experience to the Rattus-family, the success of this game will become even bigger.


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