VPG Press Release – Keep Up The Fire released!

VPG Press Release – Keep Up The Fire released!

The 55-Day Siege of Peking, June to August 1900


Brought to you by designer John Welch, the solitaire States of SiegeTM game, Keep Up The Fire!, is now available! Set in Peking (modern day Beijing), China, where Foreign Legations are besieged in their Compound by Chinese anti-imperialist forces. The Chinese “Boxers”, with the Imperial Manchu forces of the Qing Army, are angry and determined to expel these foreigners from China.

The game is a race against time as the Chinese forces besieging the Legation Compound are attacking relentlessly while the Relief Column battles its way to the rescue. With limited time and relentless attacks on the Compound, will you manage to Keep Up The Fire?

A set of five standard-based lesson plans are also available (online) for classroom teachers should they wish to use this game as a teaching tool.

Click here for all the details and to order Keep Up the Fire!


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