Press Release from Lost Battalion Games – Sergeants Miniatures Game at Historicon (July 7-10)

Press Release from Lost Battalion Games – Sergeants Miniatures Game at Historicon (July 7-10)

Heading for release at this year’s Historicon (July 7-10) is a game/game system very unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

You might call it a “card-driven miniatures game.” You might call it a “3-D boardgame.”  What you’re sure to call it is, challenging, quick, and fun to play.

“Sergeants Miniatures Game” is a totally new system, with the game’s engine run by impulse cards managing four broad, basic functions—and randomizing the order—while each player manages a hand of cards constructed by the talents and foibles of the troops under his or her command.

Unlike many “miniatures” games where you buy the rules and then have to start shopping and painting, Sergeants Miniatures Game (SMG) comes with a complete game in the box.

You’ll find 20mm, pre-painted miniatures, plenty of thick, two-sided, colorful mapboard tiles which can assembled in various ways, 3-D terrain bits you can assemble quickly, plus everything else you need to get started on your missions.

The real secret of the game is in the cards, and how each soldier has a deck that captures his personal abilities…training, weapon type, personality…they’re all included in the cards. Players combine these little mini-decks, shuffle, and get rolling. Cards manage movement, shooting, fire results, close combat, and many more facets.  While dice are still used for a few functions, the game is mostly diceless, but still with plenty of surprises.

The game includes “privates,” and “Leaders.” Leaders represent various kinds of N.C.Os and are the heart of the game.  More surprising, when all the factors and attributes are calculated together, each Leader is “equal” to every other Leader. Some are strong or weak in different areas, not always obvious, and success comes to the player who knows how to get the most out of the squad or patrol under command.

Attached you’ll find examples of one of the “Leader” cards, an “Action” card, and one of the “Objective” cards, as every scenario has many possible objectives and each player has “personal” objectives as well (which could make multi-player games more interesting!) plus a few photos from a demo session held May 28 at “NashCon.” Note that the demo is using prototype components.




For more information, see




“Lost Battalion Games? Are they still in business?” is what some folks say. The company, known for great card games like “Brawling Battleships,” “Enemy in Sight,” and “Battle Lines,”  plus the 3rd Edition of “Napoleon’s Battles,” has been “quiet” for some time, while retooling and restructuring their operation in ways no other game company has tried. They are now handling all facets of their own manufacturing now—raw materials come in and finished games go out, leaving them one of the few game companies in America who can say, “Made in U.S.A.” about everything they do.

They even do their own casting for FAA miniatures, and the hand-painting is done with domestic resources. (So you folks out there who want to paint-for-hire may look them up!).

Now that the factory is running, the web site is under re-construction at

British gamers may be more familiar with FAA under it’s full name, “Figures, Armour, and Artillery.”


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