Against the Odds Magazine Press Release – Birth of a Legend—SOON!

Birth of a Legend—SOON!

Against the Odds Magazine is now cranking up their production schedule. They have just started shipping Issue #31, “Hungarian Nightmare,” a game totally focused on the brutal city-fight for Budapest.

Shipping in late June or early July is Issue #32. “Birth of a Legend,” covering the “Seven Days” battles in 1862, when Robert E. Lee changed from “Granny” and “King of Spades” to the “Marse Robert” who would be known as one of America’s most audacious combat commanders. The Seven Days battles have never received the coverage of later campaigns, yet pitted large numbers of troops (the biggest army Lee ever commanded) in difficult terrain, with the bells of Richmond close enough to hear.  Now, using an adaptation of his “Not War but Murder” system, Michael Rinella gives us a chance to look within the short historical discussions and understand the factors that brought both Lee and McClellan far less than they expected.  New subscribers to AtO will begin with “Birth of a Legend” and will not have long to wait!  For more info and to sign up, see

New subbers can also check out “Bradley’s D-Day” and get a big discount if they sign up for it when they start their sub.

AND, now until June 30, anyone placing an order (including a subscription) at AtO can insert “BULGE” on the notes page and receive FOUR pocket battle games covering the actions of Kampgruppe Peiper in the Battle of the Bulge. These four games work separately, OR can be linked into one “large” pocket battle game. Get all four, plus the die cut counters, with any purchase at AtO (but only until June 30!).


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