VPG Press Release – Gorlitz 20 released

Napoleonic 20 #15 (Germany 20 #6) Expansion Kit


From designer Lance McMillan comes the expansion kit to Dresden 20 and Katzbach 20. Görlitz 20 is based on a battle that almost occurred during Napoleon’s final campaign in Germany, on 3-6 September 1813. One player commands the Coalition forces under the Prussian Marshall Gebhard von Blücher, while the other commands the French army under the command of Marshall Étienne Jacques MacDonald (which may be reinforced by elements of Napoleon’s Grande Armée).

This great near-battle creates a real “players” situation with few pieces and many tough decisions for both sides and events unfold all around you. Although this game can be played as a stand-alone game, Görlitz 20 is also featured as part of the Germany 20 series to link into a Campaign Game.

Note, Gorlitz 20 is not a ‘stand alone’ game. You must own a copy of Katzbach 20 to use this expansion kit (there are optional provisions in the rules that also allow you to incorporate other forces from Dresden 20 in an expanded scenario as well).

Click here for all the details and to order Gorlitz 20.

– Victory Point Games


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