2011 UK Games Expo Report

I spent the last 3 days attending the premier Gaming event in the UK. UK Games Expo was held at the Clarendon Suites in Birmingham on June 3-5 and the UK Gaming Media Network were asked to support Expo by running a series of new game demonstrations via live video streaming as well as to organize and run a series of seminars. Needless to say it was a very busy weekend. Our team put in a lot of their time and effort and I am very pleased to say that we were able to achieve our objectives, and then some. Expo was very well attended and the buzz continued all weekend. Lots of new board games, Rpg’s, card games, abstract games, and miniatures games were in evidence.


The video demo’s went pretty well and I will post those them individually here over the next couple of weeks as I have time. It was very exciting to be able to have demos presented by such illustrious designers as Martin Wallace and Allesio Cavatore as well as a surprise interview with Larry Roznai, President of Mayfair Games. Our seminars were well attended especially the Game Designer Panel which included:

Martin Wallace, designer of many popular games and the upcoming Discworld game, Ankh-Moorpark

Lewis Pulsipher, designer of the original Britannia

John Yianni designer of Hive

Alessio Cavatore designer of Shuuro

David Bradshaw, codesigner of the upcoming Discworld game, Guards! Guards!

Tony Boydell, designer of Paperclip Railway

Fraser Lamont of Fragor Games

Gary Dicken and Steve Kendall of Ragnar Brothers

Quite a panel!

The demos went pretty well. A good number of new releases as you will see from the photos below:

             The Great Museum   prototype                                                  Paperclip Railway

                                      X610z                                                                     Zombie Close


Martin Wallace demoed Ankh-Moorpark


                       Conflicting Kingdoms                                                                     Braggart


                            Last Will prototype                                                Dungeon Petz prototype


         Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising                                   Alessio Cavatore’s  Shuuro

                                 KingBrick                                                                         Convoluted


                             War of Honor                                                                       Nightfall


                            Gran Forsetti                                                          Zoom Zoom Kaboom


Loads of Expo Fun!










And the highlights for me? Well, awesome fun working and gaming with brilliant friends most of all. As for games – I got to play a few – X610z, Battlestar Gallactica, Convoluted, War of Honor, Pergimon, Medieval Mastery. The event was well organized so well done to Richard Denning and his team. The crowds were great and it was wonderful to see so many families. It was brilliant to see so many designers with new games. The Brits are indeed a creative nation! Hats off for Imagination Gaming for their family games area (I will be interviewing them soon about their work with families and schools). The Playtest Group saw a number of would-be game designers bringing their prototypes in for testing and feedback including Michael and myself with our game, Espionage

Watch out for –

Ankh-Moorpark looks like it will lead the hot “must buy” lists and will take Martin Wallace to a whole new level of success. War of Honor from AEG is looking really interesting as does Guards! Guards! from BackSpindle Games and Z-Man Games and watch out for the gorgeous X610z from Quantuum Magic!

A fantastic event which probably needs to look for a larger venue as the space was a bit cramped, but that’s a good thing as a mark of its success. Hopefully, this event will grow to become the UK’s answer to Essen!


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