Design update taster – ESPIONAGE

As announced previously, Michael Fox (Little Metal Dog Show) and me, Mark Rivera (Boardgames in Blighty) are collaborating on a new game design called ESPIONAGE

London circa 1910, is a bustling city with a growing population. Rumblings of discontent amongst the masses across Europe and the rattling of sabres amongst the powers of Europe have resulted in a number of military alliances. King Edward the VII dies in May and George V is on the throne. Talk of an impending war is in the air. The threat from the Kaiser’s armies and fear of an invasion by Germany is rife.

Championed by amongst others, Winston Churchill, the recently formed Secret Service Bureau, is tasked with rooting out foreign intelligence agents to protect Britain’s security. Rumours abound and London seems to be the ideal location for enemy operatives to blend into society and carry out their nefarious work.

Dispatching their counter-intelligence agents, the Secret Service Bureau, sets out to discover the Kaiser’s agents and stop them from carrying out acts, which could make Britain vulnerable in the event of war.

This is where you come in…

Can you, as one of the King’s unsung agents, complete missions to prevent the German agents from undermining Britain’s security? Or… As a German agent, can you successfully complete missions that will bring valuable information back for the Kaiser’s military leaders?

Espionage is a light-hearted game for 2-6 players, set in London in the period prior to the breakout of the First World War.

The players take on the roles of German Intelligence Agents or British Counter-Intelligence Agents who carry out various “Missions” to gather or prevent the gathering of military intelligence in one of the world’s most important cities.

Note – the Missions and characters in this game are loosely based on some actual events and people whilst others are based on those dreamt up by fictional stories from the period.

We will be putting up Designer Diary notes periodically and invite your thoughts and suggestions.

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