Press Release from Toy Vault – 51st State card Game now available

CORBIN, Ky., March 14, 2011 – 51st State, the hot new Essen release from Toy Vault and Portal Publishing, is now shipping to distributors! In this exciting game from acclaimed designer Ignacy Trzewiczek, players struggle to maintain stability in a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland – will you be able to lead your faction from a simple nomadic tribe to a thriving community? Can you re-start civilization?
With 110 unique cards and 198 colorful cardboard tokens, players will build their factions up by means of commerce, territorial claims, or conquest. Each location provides players with new choices and options, and each leader rewards different paths. Will you follow Borgo the Almighty to glory as a conqueror, or will Mr. President guide you to reconstruction?
51st State ships 8 units per carton. Suggested retail price: $39.99.

Be sure to check out for more details!

About Toy Vault, Inc.
Toy Vault, Inc, founded in 1998, designs and manufactures high quality products for the toy, game, and novelty market.  Toy Vault has an aggressive design and product-research department that consistently provides the newest and hottest-selling products within the industry.  The company utilizes a highly skilled sales force to penetrate all levels of retail.
Toy Vault’s key strengths include the ability to deliver a competitive product while maintaining high quality, flexibility and expertise in tailoring product to individual retailers large and small, and the ability to create unique and compelling designs.


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