Review – Covert Action by R & R Games

Review – Covert Action by R&R Games, designed by Jacob Davenport, artwork by Chris Appel, Hal Mangold, and John Vetter

note – a review copy of this game was provided by R&R Games

This is a fast playing game which is aimed at those who like Werewolf and therefore is only going to be enjoyed by the right crowd – those who are enjoy being outgoing and loud!


Set in the world of spies and intrigue, this game for 4-18 players comes with a set of cards representing snipers, Moles (traitors), Body Guards and Cleaners (kind of the back-up “muscle”). The object being for the sniper of the red or green or if enough players, the blue team identify and shoot either the other team’s sniper or the Mole in the Sniper’s own team.

Each turn, the cards are shuffled and draw randomly by the players. This will result in a different mix of teams each turn. Players look at their cards and see which character they are without revealing this to any other players. Then then players try to talk, bluff, misdirect others, etc. to try and find out who are the requisite targets for their teams’ Snipers. Non-snipers will attempt to draw attention to themselves to be shot mistakenly of course.  The Snipers say who they are going to shoot and if they are correct in identifying the other team’s Sniper (or their own team’s mole) before they are shot, then their team each receive a Plan (scoring) card which has a PLA or N and the schematic of part of a submarine diagram.

The round is repeated as long as it takes for one player to collect all four scoring cards with the letters PLAN to win.

Did it work for me?

In the right group who are happy for some light fun with some loud banter, this is reasonable fun. I think it needs a bit more of a story to give it atmosphere. Its just an Ok guessing game for me. Light fun but I think that Werewolf is more fun.

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 5 out of 10

Family friendly?

Yes although I think that you need to give each round winner a different scoring card or it will frustrate the younger one’s.

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