Press Release from Mayfair Games: Settlers of Catan at PAX East and SXSW; Mayfair Games Demos Analog Games in a Digital World


Settlers of CatanT at PAX East and SXSW;
Mayfair Games Demos Analog Games in a Digital World

Mayfair Games, publisher of The Settlers of CatanT, will once again be attending the 2011 PAX East and SXSW ScreenBurn, demoing games and showing the latest Mayfair releases.  The Settlers of CatanT has been a popular
analog tabletop game in both the gaming and tech communities, and in the last few years has become a popular digital experience for on-line, smartphone and console play.  Mayfair Games will be at both PAX East in Boston, MA, and SXSW ScreenBurn, in Austin, TX teaching The Settlers of Catan, demoing new games and celebrating the 15th anniversary of Catan.

Coincidentally, this is also the 15th anniversary of SXSW.

Additionally, Mayfair Games will be running a North American Catan Championship Qualifier Tournament.  The winners of this qualifier tournament will receive complimentary travel, hotel and badge to attend Gen Con Indy
Convention in Indianapolis, IN and compete in the NACC Invitational Tournament.  The winner of the NACC Final will be the North American Catan Champion for 2011-12.  The 2011 NACC champion will receive an invitation to attend the 2012 Worldwide Catan Championship tournament.  Travel and lodging will be provided by Mayfair Games.

Mayfair Games encompasses a wide array of great board games, card games, dice games, with content easily accessible to families and gamers, including one of the world’s best-selling game brands of all-time, The Settlers of Catan. The Mayfair catalog of over 150 products offers a variety of fun and educational games that are full of intrigue, interaction, and provide outstanding replay value. In addition to being the world’s leading train game manufacturer, Mayfair publishes games in partnership with a number of international publishers. The company provides complete diversity in its products to satisfy all game enthusiasts. The topics of Mayfair games range from kid-friendly elk and sheep to strongly themed games of collecting rare specimens in the Amazon, saving citizens from the fall of Pompeii, or forging your Trans-continental railroad.

Bill Fogarty
Director of Marketing
Mayfair Games
P.O. Box 3815
Plant City, FL 33563
813.707.6659  phone
813.707.8791  fax


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