Boardgames in Blighty is very pleased to welcome a new Sponsoring Retailer – Rules of Play!

It is my great pleasure to welcome a new sponsor!

Rules of Play is a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) located in Cardiff and the owners, Steve, Ian and Michelle have generously agreed to sponsor Boardgames in Blighty, which will certainly help me to continue to bring you game reviews. I am very excited to support and promote Rules of Play as I am keen for local game shops to flourish.


(photos of Michelle courtesy of – Pictures © Amy Davies/

Here’s a note from their website –

We’ll make sure to have the latest and greatest games for your pleasure.

We’ll listen to the kind of stuff you like, and then give you fair and honest recommendations on what’s out there, new and old, that we think you’ll enjoy.

We won’t be elitist, snobby, or expect for you to display your hardcore gaming knowledge before we treat you as a human being.

Basically, we’ll treat you as a friend and equal because we think games are for everyone. We’ll offer you a warm welcome if you choose to hang out in our gaming lounge, we’ll take the time to demo stuff for you, and we’ll also try and help you hook up with like minded people, whether you’re after a role playing marathon weekend or a monthly board gaming evening. And goes without saying that Rules of Play also offers regular, fun, organised game events, from tournaments to casual drop-in days.

We love games, and are so happy to have the opportunity to share our enthusiasm about them with you – if just some of our enthusiasm rubs off on you, then we’re doing our job right!

I love their attitude!

AND, they do mail order!

SO, don’t just sit there, drop in and see them if you are local or call/email them for great advice for your gaming choices. They will take care of you.

Go to the Rules of Play website for full information including their current game catalogue –


3 thoughts on “Boardgames in Blighty is very pleased to welcome a new Sponsoring Retailer – Rules of Play!”

  1. Hey – thank you Mark, we’re really pleased to be on board (see what I did there!) – keep the reviews coming, we love ’em! Steve, Ian and Michelle


    1. That’s the perfect attitude toward customers! Games really ARE for everybody, and once you sit them down and show them how to play, everyone has fun interacting at the game table.

      We’re glad you’re there for gaming!

      Best, always,

      Alan Emrich
      Victory Point Games


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