White Goblin Games is about to Get Nuts!

New release from Dutch board game publisher announced

White Goblin Games is about to Get Nuts!

2e Exloërmond, The Netherlands – White Goblin Games, the Dutch board game publisher that has made a name last year with titles like Rattus, Hotel Samoa, Inca Empire and Norenberc, is about to Get Nuts! Well, fortunately enough, not literally. The publisher has just announced an international release for the brand new card game Get Nuts, which is scheduled for release this quarter.

White Goblin about to get nuts…

The end of autumn is near and those lazy squirrels still didn’t fill their winter stack! Nut supplies are limited, so the race is on. It’s in this setting this humorous board-game-disguised-as-a-card-game for 3 to 6 squirrels from 8 years and older takes place. Your furry friend must rush through dangerous woods, where rivals are lurking behind every corner, trying to sabotage your trip to the last stack. Are you ready to outsmart your rivals and guide your squirrel to victory?

The game offers a surprising amount of variety and dynamics and is highly interactive: while you try to form a path of trees , you also try to sabotage the other squirrels and everything is permitted, even the use of chainsaws, bulldozers and flamethrowers! All in all a great game in a relatively small box for game fanatics in every age. The designers of the game are Tom Luyckx and David Ausloos, who also took care of the artwork.

…and to go more international!

Get Nuts will include rules books in English, French, German and Dutch and will be the first own release since Spiel 2010 for successful, upcoming Dutch publisher White Goblin Games. 2010 has been a great year for the company, seeing six of its seven own titles also being published abroad. Recently, the company announced a US-release for its game Norenberc, now it has also become clear the highly successful Rattus  will see a release in China, whereas Hotel Samoa will be released in Japan.

More information:

·         Get Nuts on the website of White Goblin Games: http://www.whitegoblingames.com/getnuts.html

·         Get Nuts on Boardgamegeek: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/69587/get-nuts

Media contact information:

·         For questions and more information on this news item, please contact Bart Nijssen through bart@whitegoblingames.com or +31 6 31 96 27 59.

·         Website: www.whitegoblingames.com


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