Get back to the epic Wild West with Dakota!

Get back to the epic Wild West with Dakota!

The new board game inspired by the conquest of the West is now available in Europe and will hit the stores in USA in February

Take part in the epic history of the Wild West colonization, leading a group of settlers or a tribe of natives: NG International announces the release of Dakota, a “euro-style” board game for 3 to 5 players with linear mechanics inspired by the conquest of the West, created by Piero Cioni and published by NG International in Italian and English languages, with partners for the German (Heidelberger) and Japanese (Hobby Japan) editions. Dakota is now available in Europe and will arrive in America by the end of February.

In Dakota, each player belongs to one of the two factions, settler or native, and tries to achieve his objectives by making alliances from time to time with the others, independent of their parties, thanks to a game mechanic that allows you to play in a balanced way even with a different number of settler and native players. The settlers try to exploit the territory in order to make it productive for industry and agriculture, while the natives must make all efforts to keep the territory virgin as long as possible, while at the same time using its resources for the prosperity of their own tribe.

Dakota is the first game published by NG International with the Tenki Games brand. The suggested retail price is US$ 59.99/€49,90. Further information about the game and its rulebook in PDF format are available at Dakota Author: Piero Cioni Playing Age: 10+ Number of players: 3-5 Playtime: 60-90 min.


Strike of the Eagle-… The Polish / Soviet War of 1919 – Academy Games Release date: May 26, 2011

Strike of the Eagle-… The Polish / Soviet War of 1919 – Release date: May 26, 2011


Fog of War Series
Strike of the Eagle

Academy Games introduces a new strategic game series!

The year is 1920. WWI has ended, but the battle for Europe has just begun. Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin plan to spread the workers’ revolution by blasting through Poland in order to support the growing communist movements in Germany, France and Britain. Only the armies of Poland stand in the way of the Bolshevik tide.

Strike of the Eagle is a strategy game that simulates the tenseness of the Polish-Soviet War of 1920. This war featured a return of sweeping cavalry attacks combined with new weaponry innovations such as planes, tanks and armored cars. Gone was the static trench warfare of WWI where front line changes were measured in yards. Instead, the gains of this war’s campaigns were measured in hundreds of miles from Kiev and beyond Minsk in the east, to Warsaw and the German border in the west. 

Strike of the Eagle is the first game in the new Fog of War series. This series covers pivotal wars of different eras, allowing players to relive and learn about the struggles that took place.

The heart of this unique series lies in players placing secret orders on the map during each turn to bluff, mislead, misdirect and outplay their opponents! The orders are then revealed and executed by the player’s armies that are represented by wooden blocks of Brigade and Division strength forces of between 1500 to 8000 men. The exact composition of a player’s forces is kept hidden from their opponent until battle is engaged.

Strike of the Eagle is –

Fun: Quick simultaneous play allows players to interact without waiting.

Devious: A cat and mouse game of deception, hidden orders, diversionary movements and concealed units.

Easy: Teach a new player how to play in less than 5 minutes.

Wooden Blocks: Depict infantry and cavalry armies.

Consistent: Each game in the series uses the same rule system.



  • 1 mounted 37.5” x 26” game board.
  • 110 Wooden Blocks depicting armies of infantry and cavalry.
  • 2 decks of Event cards, 55 cards each.
  • 1 Counter Sheet of Order Markers.
  • 2 Player summary sheets and 1 game track sheet.
  • 8 Page full color rule book.
  • 20 page campaign book with a full historical overview of the war and 8 unique campaigns.


Fog of War – Strike of the Eagle  $65.00

Ages: 13+

Players: 2-4

Playing Time: 45 minutes to 3 hours

UPC: 0-29877-05251-6-06500

ISBN: 1-56906-238-7

Case Pack 5

Game Weight: 4lb

Game Design: Robert Zak

Academy Games Design Version: Uwe Eickert

Made in Germany

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 2.875


Copyright © 2011 Academy Games


For additional information, please contact:


Bill Fogarty
Director of Marketing
Mayfair Games
P.O. Box 3815
Plant City, FL 33563
813.707.6659  phone
813.707.8791  fax

New release from Victory Point Games – TC Tennis

TC Tennis Now Released!

Designer Terry Coleman has served up VPG’s first ever sports strategy game, TC Tennis, allowing you to pick from 24 of the greatest tennis champions in history. Pit them against each other in a fun, fast-paced game, strategizing which players are best at certain Strokes, and finding which court best fits your style. Do you risk hitting a Cannonball Serve, knowing that your opponent might have secretly played a card that negates it? Can you keep using Go for the Lines as a Tactic, knowing that you might miss, and hurt your scoring chances?

Whether you’re a tennis pro or an Average Joe, this is an ace of a game for everyone to enjoy. Will you lead your favorite players to victory? Put the ball in your court with TC Tennis!

Mayfair news – Struggle for Catan™: Multi-player Card Game

Struggle for Catan™: Multi-player Card Game


The Struggle for Catan™ is a fast-paced game between the 2-4 factions developing newly settled Catan. Manage your resources to build settlements, cities, city improvements, knights, and roads that generate victory points or special abilities. While your settlements, cities, and city expansions remain yours, valuable roads and knights change hands. Varied expensive city improvements give you additional victory points and lasting advantages, so they’re generally key to victory. As in The Settlers of Catan® board game, you win by being the first to acquire and play 10 victory points.


The Struggle for Catan™ is the perfect way for 2-4 players to swiftly and casually explore, settle, trade, and build on the beautiful and ever-changing island of Catan.


MFG3141 Struggle for Catan™ contains:

• 67 Resource Cards

• 42 Building Cards consisting of:

• 9 Road Cards

• 14 Settlement/City Cards

• 5 Knight Cards.

• 9 City Improvement Cards

• 4 Building Cost Cards

• 1 Destiny Card

• full-color rules


MFG3141 Struggle for Catan™ $15.00

Ages 10+

For 2-4 Players

Playing Time 45 -60 minutes

UPC 0-29877-03132-2-01500

ISBN 1-56905-245-X

Case Pack 12

Designer:  Klaus Teuber

Art:  Michael Menzel

Made in the U.S.A.

Dimensions 3.125 x 11.625 x 9.375



Copyright © 2011 Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games, Inc. The Struggle for Catan, The Settlers of Catan and Catan are trademark properties of Catan GmbH (, Inc. All rights reserved.



Bob Carty

VP Sales and Marketing

Mayfair Games, Inc.

(813) 707-6659v

(813) 707-8791f

News from Numbskull Games

Greetings from Numbskull Games!

Coming in February: Grand Conquest takes the Conquest game to a whole new level, adding Castles with Drawbridges, Camels, Catapults, and Siege Engines.  It also introduces movement in the fields between the standard playing positions. Additionally, new units can be built by paying moves.  The board is printed on both sides, with a 4-Player version on one side and a 2-Player version on the other. The 4-Player version can be played as a free-for-all or as a partnership game. The new boards and deluxe versions are available only through the website.  The boxed sets will be available at select retail outlets.

Also in February:  PREZCON is held in Charlottsville Virgina on Feb.23-27, we will be showing our games at this event which is one of the big cons for tournament play.

New Arrival: Blockade Runner is available now! Players take on the roles of entrepreneurs seeking to cash in on the war between the North and South by sneaking cash crops out and war goods in through the Union blockade. Hard decisions include whether to play safely to keep ships afloat or take potentially profitable risks. Players must compete with each other for access to commodities, top market prices, and newly built ships. Whether motivated by patriotism, greed, or both, adventure and cash are to be had by all!  For more information about the game, click here.

Alert! The smokestacks did not fit well on the first run, so we are replacing them free of charge. The replacements have been manufactured and are on their way now. Just email us for a replacement set..

Preview: Bullfrog Goldfield is a stock trading game set in the last great North American Gold and Silver rush in Nevada in 1905. The remote area in which the ores were discovered necessitated the building of railroads to supersede the transport to smelters by mule driven wagons. This created a race from existing railroads north and south. The numerous ghost towns that dot the area today are all a direct result of this short lived mineral bonanza. The city of Las Vegas was established at this time in response to the gold and silver rush. Rail building, mine development and town development are the parameters around which the stock trading revolves. Check out images of the game components here.

Automobile™ shipping from Mayfair Games in January, street date Feb. 17




Automobile™ shipping from Mayfair Games in January, street date Feb. 17

Mayfair Games is pleased to announce that it has finally received copies of Martin Wallace’s Automobile™ at its warehouse and will start shipping copies to retailers and distributors on January 31, 2011.  The game is scheduled to have a street date of February 17, 2011.  Mayfair Games apologizes for the many delays and thanks everyone for their patience.


Automobile™ is the second in a series of transport games by Martin Wallace (the first being Steam™) and published by Mayfair Games (the “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” series).  The third title, involving the dawn of air travel, is currently in development.


Automobile™ joins a group of titles scheduled to be released from Mayfair Games in the beginning of 2011 including London™ (also by Martin Wallace), Van Helsing™ (by Frederic Moyersoen), 1830™ (by Francis Tresham), the re-released Catan Dice Game Standard Edition and Struggle for Catan: The Multi-Player Card Game ( both by Klaus Teuber).


Mayfair Games, founded in 1981, is an independent publisher of high quality games designed for gamers and family play.


For additional information regarding Mayfair Games please contact Bill Fogarty at:

813.707.6659  Phone

813.707.8791  fax

Out of the Box Publishing to Introduce Three New Games at Toy Fair 2011!

Windsor, Wisconsin – In their 13th year of exhibiting at American International Toy Fair in New York City, Out of the Box Publishing will debut three new products. The new releases will include two new party games, Faux•Cabulary and Shake ‘N Take, and a children’s card game, Bug Out.

Out of the Box publishing will be exhibiting in booth 1376 on the upper level of the Javits Center. Appointments can be made now through the beginning of the show. Press samples will be available on request.

The Outrageous Game of Wild New Words

First, a crazy definition is read to the group. Next, players use the wacky word parts to create wildly funny new words to fit the definition. Each new word is read out loud, and the “Wordmeister” picks the best one! Faux•Cabulary—it’s where new words come from!
Ages 13 and up, 3-7 players, $29.99 suggested retail, Available March 2011

Shake ‘n Take™
The Fast and Frantic Search for Aliens!

Grab the marker and start capturing aliens. But beware, other players will try to stop you. When the alien face appears in the shaker egg the next player takes the marker right out of your hand! Then, that player captures as many aliens as possible before the marker is taken once again. Be the first player to capture all of your aliens and win!
Ages 8 and up, 2-8 players, $27.99 suggested retail, Available February 2011

Bug Out™
The Speedy Scramble for Slugs and Bugs!

Bug Cards are scattered all over your table or even on your living room floor! Players race to capture the bugs by covering each Bug Card with a matching Leaf Card—It’s a wild scramble to find each bug! Be the first player to cover all of your matching Bug Cards and Bug Out!
Ages 5 and up, 2-6 players, $9.99 suggested retail, Available September 2011

About Out of the Box Publishing
Since 1999, Out of the Box Publishing has created family games that can be learned in minutes, played in less than an hour, and enjoyed for a lifetime. Headquartered in Windsor, WI, Out of the Box produces a gamut of games. From single-player to party games, from quick and light games to engaging strategy games, Out of the Box games are designed to please the entire family. Inspiring fun has always been our mission, and happiness can be found….right Out of the Box!

Visit to learn more.