Boardgames in Blighty Christmas Recommendations!!!

Ok so you are wondering what games to get for your gamer friends or better still, non-gaming friends who you want to get into the hobby.

Well, here are a few recommendations which should be broadly available from your friendly neighborhood or online retailer.

Party Game

Dixit by Asmodee Games

Winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2010 and deservedly so, Dixit is an excellent game which is simple to play and loads of fun as you try and outwit the other players in interpreting and describing colorful artwork.

See my review –

Adventure Game

The Adventurers by AEG

Enjoy a fun adventure in this Indiana Jones-esque game. Great fun is to be had as you race through the Temple, collecting treasures and trying to outrun the giant boulder!

See my review –

Historical Game

The Great Fire of London by Medusa Games and Prime Games

Nice, challenging game as the players try and save their property from the spreading fire which all started in Pudding Lane.

See my review –

Family Games

Pirate versus Pirate by Out-of-the-Box Games

Arrrggghhhh me hearties! Tis a grand game where ye fight over booty to bring back to yer boat. Fun for the young and old scalawags!

See my review –

Forbidden Island by Gamewright

Fantastic cooperative game as the players try and collect the artifacts from a sinking island.

See my review –



Fantasy Game

Defenders of the Realm by Eagle Games (FRED)

Brilliant cooperative game like Pandemic but set in a fantasy world.

See my review –


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