Review – Dixit by Asmodee

I had the opportunity to play Dixit, the 2010 Spiel des Jahres winner at Boardgamecamp thanks to Michael Fox of the Little Metal Dog Show podcast as he ran a couple of games. Produced by Asmodee and designed by Jean Louis-Roubira with art by Marie Cardouat, Dixit is an unusual game in that the essence of the game is in creativity and bluffing.


This is a very simple game to teach and play. Each player is dealt 6 full colour cards with different images and scenes wonderfully drawn by Marie Cardouat. In each round a player chooses one card and says a phrase, or uses a motion or sound to give a hint as to what the card represents and then the other players pick one of their cards which they think most closely represents what is on the first player’s card. All of the cards are shuffled and then laid out randomly. Players then use voting tiles to vote for which card they think belonged to the original player. Points are scored according to who was correct or who bluffed and received votes.

The game moves very fast and really calls upon the players to use their creativity. Strategy lies in the decision making of how literal or cryptically the cards are described and goes to show how people use their brains and visual style differently.

Did it work for me?

Dixit is now a must buy for me. I can see this one being very appealing to a variety of groups. It could be hardcore gamers who prefer heavy Euro mechanics will not like it but it really suits social gaming. I really want to use it the youth at the Family Board Game Night that I run at my church.  A lovely gateway game for non-gamers, Dixit will appeal to just about anyone, in no small measure due to the alluring art on the cards.

Family Friendly?

For ages 8 and up, it is very clear why Dixit has won the 2010 Spiel des Jahres award. It is a lovely game with very simple mechanics, fun gameplay, and engaging art to interpret. Fantastic for families.

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 9.5 out of 10 as it is simply magical!


3 thoughts on “Review – Dixit by Asmodee”

  1. It reminded me of Apples to Apples by out of the box but with a bit more game play. I think we’ll be getting it too.

    Nice to meet you on Saturday too.


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