Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend Boardgamecamp which was held in the London suburb of Richmond. This event was part of the LondonGamesFestival and it must be said that it was outstanding! BoardGameCamp was the third gathering in the GameCamp series. Kudos go to Steve Green, David Hayward Jeffrey Sheen, Philip Trippenbach and James Wallis for a great event, well orgamised and just plain fun!

Getting there early, I met up with Neil Meyer of thru-the-portal ezine, Michael Fox of the Little Metal Dog Show podcast, Chris O’Regan of the SuperHappyFunTimeShow and  Kevin of O’Sullivan of the kevinandgames blog. It was great to meet up with loads of other gamers as well as we networked together, built friendships and played games that we’d brought or from the games library.

A bit of Dixit                                                                                Forbidden Island

The Forbidden Island starts to sink!


The “UnConference” structure of the programme allowed for attendees to book rooms to give talks and have informal discussions on gaming topics. I booked a room inviting Board Game bloggers or podcasters to meet up, network and discuss how we could work together in an effort to pool our resources to promote board gaming as an outstanding hobby that can benefit families, friends and the public at large in the UK. An initial goal is to start sharing ideas with each other and working towards perhaps running an event or a panel at the 2011 UK Games Expo. If you are a UK Board Game blogger or podcaster and want to join our merry band , please comment on the new page that I have created on the Boardgames in Blighty Blog!

Game Hack

Lastly, the folks at Boardgamecamp organised a Game Hack where teams competed to design a game in 6 hours. We entered a team together and had a great time. We were tasked with designing a game that had to fit on an A4 piece of paper, rules and all, as the winner had the chance of being the 2011 Christmas game on the back of a Cadbury’s chocolate selection pack and have the chance to get to 9 million consumers! Quite a daunting task but we managed to really get our heads around it and collectively came up with Christmas Dash!, an abstract game involving elves grabbing prezzies. It was good fun collaborating together and quite a revelation of how the creative process can actually come together when under pressure. Great experience and certainly game me a glimmer of understanding about game design. Fantastic!


Oh yeah, we came in 2nd 😦


Team Blighted Dog Portal                                                       Christmas Dash! the prototype


All-in-all this was a wonderful event and I look forward to the next one. I am also particularly glad for the opportunity to meet with friends face to face and   come away committed to work together to “spread the love” regarding our wonderful hobby.


One thought on “Boardgamecamp!!!!”

  1. Mark,

    I just wanted to add my own support for the days event at GameCamp. I had a super time and was impressed at the large turn out, fun games, interesting people and the free pizza and drinks (of course).

    I also agree with your review of Dixit, and this is top of my ‘must get’ list now too – one I’ll be looking for at Essen.

    Looking forward to seeing how things develop with regards to a UK community around gaming!


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