Tablestar Games uses Kickstarter to raise funds to publish Scoops Card Game

Boardgames in Blighty is very happy to support Indy game designers and producers. You should support them too for the health of our wonderful hobby.

Here’s a note and press release I received from the awesome Peter Hansell of Tablestar Games:

I am working with a website called Kickstarter to help fund my next game. This site is a place where artists and designers can go to look for funding to back their products. I am in the middle of a drive to get me next game going. If you could post something on your blog about it that would be fantastic.

The game is called Scoops and it is an Ice Cream themed game for kids 3 and up.

If you visit Kickstarter you can see a video with a little bit of my description.

Scoops is a game that I have been working on for years and a version came out for the iPhone in 2009. I have made a deal with the iPhone publisher to use their artwork and cross promote the game.

Here is the press release for Kickstarter

October 1, 2010

OAKLAND, CA — TableStar Games has chosen to fund their next project, a kids card game for ages 3 and up titled Scoops, with the creative support of Kickstarter!

By utilizing Kickstarter to establish the initial funding of Scoops, TableStar Games is allowing parents, gamers, and supporters of small businesses the chance to directly contribute to the quality of kids games. But just as important, backers get free copies of the game! Become an essential backer and pledge your support here!

Scoops brings elements of cooperation and sharing that are absent from current kids games. “Most kids games are ‘dexterity games’ or ‘slap games’ where the fastest player wins,” says Peter Hansell, owner of TableStar Games. “I wanted a game that would be fun and fair for the youngest players.”

Scoops will be available Spring 2011 at your favorite local game store or at online retailers.

TableStar Games, a game design studio, has an eclectic collection of games in their catalog, from the high-strategy economic Euro-style Wealth of Nations to the CCG-style board game Herocard: Orc Wars to the light party game Martinis & Men. TableStar Games is dedicated to bringing high-quality fun to your living room table.

Kickstarter provides grassroots, internet-wide funding for every creative project imaginable. Support a new game, an independent film, or even a knitting project. Or start your own project! Simple and easy, Kickstarter supports creative people with the power of the internet.

Backers impatient to play Scoops should try Nimblebit’s iPhone version! Download Nimblebit’s Scoops, the iPhone game now at the Apps Store!


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