Review – Sturgeon by Minion Games

Please note that a  copy of this game was provided for review purposes by the folks at Minion Games


My dad took me fishing a few times as a kid. I wasn’t a fan really. Kinda hated it actually. It was boring, involved putting bait on the hook and waiting… and waiting… yawn… Anyway, when I received this game for review from the guys at Minion Games, I thought. Oh… fishing… this won’t be good. But I must say that I like the game. And that surprises me given my dislike of fishing.

Sturgeon is a card game designed by Russ Brown and produced by Minion Games and the theme is about the fish food chain, you know, little fish gets eaten by bigger fish which is only eaten by the biggest fish who then happily swims around but could then end up as a fisherman’s dinner.


And that’s how the game works. The mechanics are simple – Players need to place 2 Minnows in their part of the lake and hope to place Bass cards to eat their Minnows or those of the other players. Eventually, they want to play the Sturgeons to feed on 2 Bass and then the winner is the first to place 2 Sturgeon cards in their part of the lake.  Ah but life is never quite so simple. First the good news – you can use weeds and schools cards to protect your place fish cards. You can also use Swim cards to swim over for a bite of your opponents’ fish. Yum!  But so can the other players so it really is a fish eat fish, survival of the fittest game. Chase cards change the order of play around the table from clockwise to counter clockwise so you need to stay on your toes. Lastly, even with all your careful card play, the Fisherman card can come along and nail your big fat Sturgeon.

So careful card play, taking risks, knowing when to place cards are all in the mix of the play. Very little down time here at all. I played with 5 players and this made foe a bit of a long game so I would expect that 2-3 players would be best.

The artwork on the cards is excellent and evoke the theme very well. Some of the other games by Minion Games have had bad press about the quality of their cards but i find no problem here at all. Very nice!

Did it work for me?

Yes it did. I enjoyed playing Sturgeon and I would easily recommend it as a light filler but would also caution that 2-3 players would be best for a shorter game. Is it earth shattering? No. it does what it says on the tin really. And for this fishing hater, I would happily play this game again. A nice little keeper for Blightygamer. The speed of play and the tactics involved are easy to understand and they come together very well. The luck factor is an issue only inasmuch as it is in all card games. Your card draw may be a bit frustrating but the game plays fast enough where you can re-shuffle and play again in short order (again with 2-3 players).

Family Friendly?

Yes. The game is for 10+ and that makes sense as they should be patient enough to get into the mechanics.

Boardgames in Blighty rating – 6 out of 10

For more information about games produced by Minion Games, go to –


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