Lemming MafiaT now shipping; in US stores October 14.

(Plant City, FL) – Mayfair Games’ newest release, Lemming MafiaT (MFG3121), is off the dock and on its way to retailers and distributors.  The game, designed by Michael Rieneck, is expected to hit store shelves on Thursday,
October 14, 2010.  This title was previewed at Gen Con Indy 2010 and received positive comments from players.

Leap into the world of the Lemming MafiaT.  Bet on lemmings as they race to be the first to JUMP!  But yours is more than a mere wager.  Lemming Mob Bosses give you missions.  You must slow the progress of some lemmings, or even stop them altogether by putting them in concrete shoes.  Aid your favored lemmings, using jackhammers (to cut off any concrete) and limos (to speed them along).  Pick the right mission and the swiftest Lemming and you win.  Three to six adults, ages 8+, can play a game in about twenty minutes. Leap into this laughingly larcenous Lemming Mafia.

Mayfair Games, founded in 1981, is an independent publisher of high quality games designed for gamers and family play.

For additional information regarding Mayfair Games or these titles please contact Bill Fogarty at:
813.707.6659   Phone
813.707.8791    fax


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