Dominion – What strategy do you like to use?

Dominion, by Rio Grand games is an excellent card game for 2-4 players. The Middle ages theme is pasted on and doesn’t really add to the atmosphere but the game is so good that it doesn’t matter. It’s all about hand management and coming up with an effective strategy.

In Dominion, you get a large number of card types to choose from to set up the core game. The rules provide you with a number of suggested starting set-ups, each requiring a different approach in order to collect enough victory points so I don’t see Dominion getting stale too quickly.

The game plays fast in the straight forward sets where you are focused on gaining enough riches to buy victory point cards but I found that in the set-ups which force players to “attack” each other, things take quite a bit longer. I love the mechanics and the fast flow of the turns and the minimum down time between turns.

When other players ask what strategy I use, I usually say “uh, I don’t know” as I tend to take what I pull into my hand and see how it goes. I am still trying to get my head around the strategy side of this game and I would be open to any suggestions from you gamers out there.

Post your thoughts and experiences here about Dominion strategy to help a fellow gamer get his head around the strategy element of this great game!

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